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8th blacksheep Festival

We start our presale for the 8th blacksheep Festival in 2023 with an Early Bird

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Suzi Quatro is coming to the festival

The top act for Friday, 23th June 2023 is Suzi Quatro. The whirlwind, who was one of the few female rock singers and bassists to make a career in the late 70s, was a role model for many young women of her generation.

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Make us the best German festival in 2022! Vote for blacksheep!

We need your vote, make us the best German festival in 2022. Team Höme judges this year’s award together with the Reeperbahn Festival and LiveKomm. Participation is worthwhile!

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We still have tickets for all days at the box office

We are happy to welcome you at the 7th blacksheep Festival from Thursday, 23rd June, till Saturday, 25th June. And we still have tickets at the box office. So be spontaneous and come!

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