05.04.2024 von Ulrike

Visit from the Ministry of Arts

Arne Braun, the State Secretary in the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and Art, was guest og blacksheep this week. Braun is currently on his Tour de Länd, where he is discussing with cultural workers like us the current situation with its major challenges.

He was accompanied by Erwin Köhler. The member of the state parliament and politician of the Grüne is not only a spokesman for art and culture, youth policy and senior citizens. He is also a friend of our cultural work and a member of the Valve Radio Gang, which played for the FÖRCH Young Talent Award at the blacksheep band contest in 2016.

Politicians meet local cultural workers

As politicians, both Braun and Köhler enter into dialogue with local cultural workers. We are very happy about this. We took the opportunity to speak constructively with both of them about the opportunities offered by cultural events organized on a voluntary basis, but also about increasingly narrow economic limits, about exploding costs, reluctance to buy tickets and legal requirements.

Members of the Römersee Open Air were also present at the conversation on the Bonfeld festival site. They are organizing their festival from August 16th and 17th according to the motto: Free thoughts, free camping, free entry. We are very pleased that we are being supported by the Römersee people at the blacksheep Festival – Live in the Bonfelder Schlosspark, June 20th to 22nd. Of course we will return the favor at the Römersee Open Air.

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