General orientation

Who we are? What we do? We are blacksheep, the black sheep among the creative associations.

We are mad about music, made about art, mad about literature, mad about cabaret and mad about movies, theatre and travelling. We are different. And suprising. Most of us made their experiences as organiser of the famoust festival “Folk im Schlosshof”. We are experienced in creating special events. And we are experts in hosting artists and visitors.

We like it calm. Sometimes. And we sometimes like it loud. And big (as you will better understand when you study the Line Up of our blacksheep festival. The next one is on 2nd to 4th of June 2016.

Please note, that there is no translation available for all your pages on this website.

Because blacksheep is a club, not a company. A non-profit organisation. We are a group of friends who do all the booking and writing and presenting and translating in their leisure time.