Festival Videos

The blacksheep festival is something very special. Special bands are playing in a special atmosphere. Special guests are having much fun with good, handmade music. Better than words these films describes what visitors could expect from us.

8th blacksheep Festival: Thursday, 22nd June, to Saturday, 24th June 2023

Aftermovie 6th blacksheep Festival 2019

Aftermovie 5th blacksheep Festival 2018

Aftermovie 4th blacksheep Festival 2017

Aftermovie Stimme TV from the 4th blacksheep Festival 2017

Aftermovie 3rd blacksheep Festival 2016

Also Band are shooting their videaos at our festival

Brother Dege with “Country Come to Town” 

Keywest with  “This Summer” 

And this is a very good Interview with Hunter & The Bear about blacksheep

The official HER Video from 2015

Mehr Filme auf You Tube