Inner circle

A non-profit organisation like ours is as strong as her members. And blacksheep has a lot of strong members, otherwise we’ve not be able to create a new Festival with Headliners like Fairport Convention, the Horslips or Ray Wilson and New Model Army in such a short time.

At the moment we have 250 members.

The approximately 50 members of the inner circle, the organisation-team, choose and book bands, knock on doors of companies, do fundraising, carry wires or write articles. They decorate tables, cook Irish Stew, controlls the tickets at the entry or sells Guinness, Kilkenny or other good stuff to drink. They do all this without taking money.

They donate their leisure time. But for this they are part of something big.

And so, blacksheep is a group of different people with different talents. But they all have the same aim: creating something special. Creating one of the best Festivals in Germany. Creating events that makes people happy.

At the photo you can’t see them all, because it is hard to find a date on which they all could come together. But the picture gives you an impression of who we are.

We are very proud of our young members, they call themself black lambs. Some of them grew up with Folk im Schlosshof, some grow up now with the blacksheep Festival. They are so important that such in initiative like blacksheep could keep up with the time. And we hope, that one day in the future they walk in our footsteps. If they like.