FAQ 2024

Dear blacksheep visitors! We are happy that you are coming to the blacksheep festival. you have questions At least we try to answer the most important ones here.


What is allowed?

Weapons, pyrotechnics and animals, including dogs, are not permitted on the festival grounds. Please leave backpacks and larger bags at home. It is not permitted to take food and drinks with you, nor is it permitted to bring professional photo equipment from people who are not registered as press representatives. However, you are allowed to bring folding chairs / camping chairs with you.

How do you control your inputs?

We do bag and identity checks. That means you will be scanned by certified security people. We ask you to open your bags without being asked if possible, then everything will happen quickly. Our security is of course instructed to check you discreetly.

Can I bring food and drinks?

No, because we cover part of our costs from food and beverage sales. We have a very wide and reasonably priced range on the site: there is something for everyone, including vegetarians. Of course, we make exceptions for people who depend on special food and for parents who have food for their small children with them.


Cashless payments

At the blacksheep festival you can pay cashless on the entire festival site with a chip card in credit card format. The previous token system no longer exists.


Cashless – i.e. cashless payment – offers many advantages

Fast payment and thus shorter waiting times at the individual stands
Easy purchase of food and drinks. Without counting change
No counting and tearing off the paper tokens as before
Greatly simplified deposit return
In addition, there is a high level of security and transparency for our visitors: All transactions are traceable. The sales staff can show you the amounts debited and the remaining balance on your chip card immediately after a transaction.

Do you have a property for lost things on site?

Yes, at the info point.


Overnight / camping

We offer registered guests free camping for tents and RVs. Anyone who wants to stay overnight in the hotel can find out more on the Internet at www.badrappenau.de or www.badwimpfen.de. In Bad Wimpfen we recommend the Hotel am Rosengarten and the Hotel Neues Tor. There is a Best Western in the nearby Buchäcker business park, within walking distance.


Parking spaces are marked around the site. Please follow the signs. VIP guests drive to their own car park on Fürfelder Straße. Please show your VIP ticket to the car park attendants. You can find more information here.


From what age do I have to pay for admission?

Children up to and including the age of 14 are free with us as long as an accompanying adult has a ticket. From the age of 15 everyone pays the full price. This still applies to all categories for 2022.

Where can I get VIP tickets?

You can get VIP tickets at reservix.de.

Can I take children under the age of 15 into the VIP area?

The same applies to children of paying VIP guests as to children of normal visitors: Yes, children up to the age of 14 have free entry to the VIP area. Only one child per adult ticket.


Do you have a kid’s club?

Yes. Children and young people between the ages of six and 14 are welcome there, as long as the adult companions are festival guests. Registration at kids@blacksheep-kultur.de. The participation fee is ten euros. On Saturday, June 26, 2022, however, this is already fully booked.

Do you give pupil, student or senior citizen discounts?

No, our really low ticket prices do not allow that.

Can a disabled person take a carer with them?

Yes. People with a B in their ID can bring an accompanying person. You buy a ticket and show it at the entrance together with your ID.

What about medical care?

We have the DRK with a large tent and our own doctors on the premises.

Do you have enough toilets?

Yes we have. And they are always in good condition. We appreciate it ourselves when you don’t find dixie toilets at festivals, but clean toilets where you can wash your hands with real water. A disabled toilet is located behind the drinks counter at the entrance to the castle park. If you can’t find it, just ask one of the blacksheep team.

How about photography, filming or recording music?

Taking photos with your cell phone or small viewfinder cameras is not a problem for us, as long as you follow the rules: you know everyone has a right to their own picture. Most bands don’t mind being photographed, but of course they prefer you to leave your phone down and listen to the music.

Some bands even forbid our own photo team to take photos. So pay attention to the announcements of our moderators. The use of video cameras, single-lens reflex cameras and system cameras with zoom lenses is strictly prohibited. Unless they are accredited press representatives/video teams.

Recording the music, i.e. pure sound recordings, is strictly prohibited under copyright law. But you know that.

Are there enough sits? 

WE ARE A FESTIVAL IN A LOVELY PARC. IN FRONT OF THE STAGES ARE NO SITS ALLOWED. However, we have plenty of seating areas scattered around the site. Even brought along (small) folding chairs can be set up on the side in the audience area.

May I advertise my event on the premises?

Only by prior arrangement with us.

I would like to perform at the blacksheep festival myself. Where can I apply?

We have our own email address for this: booking@blacksheep-kultur.de. Young bands have the opportunity to take part in the blacksheep band contest for the FÖRCH young talent award. The call for applications always starts in January.

Where can I apply to be a helper?

Helpers are always welcome. If you don’t know anyone of us anyway, you can contact us at any time at our events. Or you can send an email to members@blacksheep-kultur.de. You will be helped there.

What do I get for helping?

We are a non-profit association and rely on any kind of support. Therefore we cannot pay you for your help. But on the day you help, you get free entry, vouchers and a volunteer T-shirt for the duration of your commitment. If you are there all day, you will also get food.

Can I become a member?

Yes. You can download the membership application from our website, fill it out, sign it and send it back to us.