Past line ups

Alan Doyle, Nazareth, Saga, The Common Linnets, Horselips, Oysterband, Mother’s Finest, Bruce Guthro, Carlos Núnez, The Hooters, Bob Geldof, Manfred Mann’s Earthband, Uriah Heep, The Coronas, Geraldine MacGowan, Sarah Lee Guthrie, New Model Army, Foolsgarden, Bell Book & Candle . . .  are only a few names of great und legendary bands which played already at the blacksheep festival.

Here you’ll have them all at a glance.Klick in if you are interested. And remind the next festival-date in 2019: Thursday till Saturday, 27th till 29th June. We’re looking forward welcoming you and some of the best musicians of the world.


Thursday, 10th July, 2014

Friday, 11th July, 2014

Saturday, 12th July, 2014


Thursday, 25th Juni, 2015 – SOLD OUT

Friday, 24th June, 2015

Saturday, 25th July 2015


Thursday, 2nd June, 2016 – SOLD OUT

Friday, June, 2016 – SOLD OUT

Friday, 4th June, 2016


We presented proudly highly on Thursday highly gifted newcomer Tom James from the UK, powerful Stacie Collins from the United States of America and Topact David Knopfler, who is one of the founders of the legendary Dire Straits. David Knopfler was accompanied by friends and Dire Straits keyboarder Alan Clark.

On Friday we met again our friends from Canada, Alan Doyle and his fantastic band The Beautiful Gypsies, followed by Grachmusikoff, a band who sings in a certain German dialect. Than, two ladies with exciting voices from England called Sound of The Sirens, the newcomerband Kid’s of Adelaide from Stuttgart, a great great band from Finnland called Steve’n’Seagulls and the legendary Hooters from America. We started on Saturday with the winner of the 4th blacksheep bandcontest (the contest is on 22th April), and afterwards we meet the great and lovely singer/songwriter from England, Hunter & The Bear, the thrilling americana band Micky & The Motorcars, blues lady Jersey Julie from the US, highly talented singer/songwriter Damian Lynn from Switzerland, the wonderful Dave Kincaid with his Brandos, The Common Linnets as probably best band from the Netherlands and the two legends, Nazareth and Saga.

Thursday, 22th June – SOLD OUT

Friday, 23th June

Saturday, 24th Juni – SOLD OUT


Donnerstag, 7. Juni

  • Hanne Kah (Germany)
  • Band of Heathens (USA)
  • Frontm3n (UK)

Freitag, 8. Juni

  • Gitze & Band (Germany)
  • Django 3000 (Germany)
  • Zervas & Pepper  (UK)
  • Levellers unplugged  (UK)
  • Stefanie Heinzmann (Switzerland)
  • Gotthard unplugged (Switzerland)

Samstag, 9. Juni

  • Sean Koch (Southafrica)
  • Shorty (Germany)
  • Marc Broussard (USA)
  • Keywest (Irland/UK)
  • Brother Dege (USA)
  • Oysterband (UK)
  • Passenger (UK)
  • Mrs. Greenbird (Germany)
  • Mighty Oaks (International)
  • Wishbone Ash (UK)