Stefan Stremmer and Tiny Wings

KSK Kultursofa – Concert Stream
Place: KSK Kultursofa
When: June 24, 2021

What: Concert Stream with Guitarist Stefan Stremmer and Popband Tiny Wings

Where? On our blacksheep-Facebook-Account and on

Two acts, who has a lot to do with blacksheep. They play one after another on the pyramide stage of the Kreissparkasse Heilbronn. The concert will be streamed and is seen from Thursday, 24th June, 7pm on on our Facebook-Account and on the Account of the KSK-Kultursofa.

Short view back: The concert with Classic-Rock-Band High Tide from Heilbronn and Singer-/Songwriter Shorty from Bad Wimpfen last year was the  most streamed concert in the KSK-Kultursofa series.


The acoustic trio Tiny Wings comes with an extraordinary line-up: Biggi Binder, Klaus Marquardt and Micha Schad, all members of the successful Swabian folk rock band Wendrsonn, enchant with their up-close, energetic performance and captivate the audience with their virtuoso multi-faceted program.

Own songs and cover versions interpreted in a special way: a mixture of groove, goose bumps and the unique Tiny Wings sound, celebrated by three exceptional musicians. Spread your tiny wings and fly away: No problem with this authentic sound and this pure, virtuoso joy of playing that simply gets under your skin. Tiny Wings is handmade music – full of energy.

Die Band

  • Biggi Binder: Vocals & Cajon
  • Klaus Marquardt: Violin, Guitar & Vocals
  • Micha Schad: Guitars

Website: Tiny Wings

Stefan Stremmer

“Music, his constant companion”

This description fits the guitarist Stefan Stremmer from Bad Wimpfen like no other. Whether as a student, craftsman, teacher, child, teenager, single or father, whether solo, in a duo or in various bands, the constant in his life has always been music.

Of course, Stefan’s journey began with the famous recorder in elementary school, but then went on to the accordion to the guitar. The ambition grew and the first band was born out of the ground. Honest garage rock, a little punk, a little hard rock, a little reggae, and a little more of everything was the motto. But the guitar instrument gave even more, and so fingerstyle blues guitar, a little soul, folk and a little jazz in the solo program and in an acoustic duo were added.

All in all, that’s almost 40 years of music privately, in clubs, at festivals, in the exit of an underground car park, in churches, town halls, as a support act for the “Busters” and much more – but now for the first time in a streaming concert.

References: Kormoran open air, state garden shows, birthday in the Hessian state parliament, Blacksheep, Römersee open air, end-of-year party at Ammersee. . .

More about Stefan can be found on Facebook and Instagram! And on his YouTube channel.