Reading with Margot Käßmann – Sold out

And the choir Remain
Place: Bad Wimpfen, evangelische Stadtkirche
When: November 23, 2019

Starts: 7pm

Margot Käßmann is one of the most famous ecclesiastical personalities in Germany. In and after her time as Council President of the Evangelical Church in Germany she won the sympathy of many people with her open and straightforward nature. The pastor and mother of four daughters is in the midst of life and not afraid of change.

In May 2018, she retired officially after being ambassadress for the Reformation Jubilee 2017 organized by blacksheep Chairman Ulrich Schneider.

Margot Käßmann is reading on Saturday, 23rd November, in the Protestant church in Bad Wimpfen. The event is framed by the wonderful choir Remain, who already impressed us at the choir contest in November 2018.

“Aging and happiness are not mutually exclusive!”

Margot Käßmann, born in 1958, presents her book “Beautiful prospects for the best years”. Ulrike Plapp-Schirmer talks to her about her work as a theologian and author and her plans for an active phase of life as a retiree. Margot Käßmann also signs books.

And that’s what it’s all about: Be relaxed and grow older with confidence – who does not want that? Margot Käßmann personally describes the start of the best years: What can I expect? What difficulties have to be mastered? And what strengthens me on my way?

The book is about supporting friendship, family and being alone. Margot Käßmann tells of good habits that endure and change, of personal happiness and failure. Rejoices in new freedoms, stands to the diminishing forces and names power sources.

So this life guide makes you want to start hoping for the best years!

SORRY: The reading is in German.