Café del Mundo

The Art of Flamenco
Place: Bad Wimpfen, Kursaal
When: October 31, 2020

Ticket: 26 Euros (advance booking), 28 Euros (box office)

We are very happy to present the two renown guitarists Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian, better known as Café del Mundo.

After having the honor of showing the two guitarists previous concert, we are more than happy to announce that Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian will return to Blacksheep with their program. This time, they will be accompanied by the two dancers Azucena Rubio and Mercedes Pizarro: “The Art of Flamenco” will enchant us this evening.

We serve Spanish dishes and wines and look forward to a top-class cultural event.

The Art of Flamenco

The German-Spanish flamenco crossover production “The Art of Flamenco” follows never before heard and seen ways. Café del Mundo reinvents flamenco from the very heart and creates a brilliant stage experience of unforgettable moments.

Flamenco is always about everything: love and burden, cheering and complaining. The magic of pure existence pulsates in its heart, limitless, timeless, always new and full of curiosity for life.

Flamenco never stops. It knows all moods between fire and peace, and what it touches breathes new life. “The Art of Flamenco” unites all opposites and turns four artist personalities into two duets into a musical-dance unity of intoxicating power.

The musicians

Jan Pascal, born in 1975, comes from a family of musicians. He received his first guitar from his grandfather in Spain and his first lessons from an uncle.

He grew up with his Silesian grandmother Edeltraud Bonk (soprano and church musician). He later attended the Münsterschwarzach music boarding school, where he took piano lessons from Father Domenikus Trautner. After studying singing with John Porter and classical guitar with Bernhard Weber in Heidelberg, he founded his own recording studio in 1996. His flamenco guitar knowledge stems from Rafael Cortes and Mariano Martín.

Alexander Kilian, born in 1987, is considered a guitarist prodigy. He received his multicultural musical education from Zaza Miminoshvili. At the age of 15 he won his first international competition for the play “Guajiras de Lucia” by Paco de Lucia.

This successful story is followed by numerous master classes and concert invitations to Israel, Russia, Georgia, Spain and Italy. In 2011 he received an artistic diploma in jazz guitar, in 2007 he met Jan Pascal at a flamenco guitar workshop. This encounter sparked  ideas for a collaboration immediately. Since then they have composed numerous joint albums: “Nuevo Cuarteto” (2008), “Café del Mundo” (2012), “La Perla” (2014), and a live recording “In Passion” (2015). 2015 also brought “Dance of Joy “, a remake of the artists’ first joint compositions. Then in 2018 “Beloved Europa” was released, an album that moves and takes a stand. The band name is derived from a concert review in which a critic writes that he feels that he is transferred to the legendary “Café Cantante”, which turns the band name “Café del Mundo”.

The ensemble

  • Jan Pascal – Flamenco guitar
  • Alexander Kilian – Flamenco guitar
  • Azucena Rubio – Dancer
  • Mercedes Pizarro – Dancer