10.12.2022 von Ulrike

Bosse is our Thursday Topact

He makes his audiance laugh and cry, in any case he makes them sympathize. Bosse, to be precise, Axel Bosse (photo: Chris Heidrich) is currently one of the most successful German live musicians. He will play with his band at the next blacksheep festival as top act on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

The likeable exceptional musician, who grew up in Lower Saxony, is coming to us for the first time.

In our festival motto “Talents meet Legends” it stands for the almost legendary young talents. With Bosse we present an act that appeals to all generations because the artist has something to say and his music fits his statements perfectly. Or as his agency writes: “Bosse once again manages the balancing act between airy summer songs (“Wild according to your eyes”), thoughtful reflections (“Off-Season”) and touching statements (“Father”).”

He has released seven albums so far, and his biggest hit “The Last Dance” is often played on our media partner SWR 1. We look forward to welcoming this exceptional artist to us in 2023 and are already looking forward to an exciting and relaxing festival Thursday.

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