17.12.2018 von Ulrike

We announce our band contest

We announce the 6th blacksheep band contest for the FÖRCH Young Talent Award.

The winner will play at the 6th blacksheep Festival on Saturday, 29th June, at 3.30pm. The winner gets a prize, a fee and a lot of fame and honor.

The 6th blacksheep band contest will take place on Saturday, 27th April, starting at 7pm in the Bonfelder Bislandhalle.

The event is supported by the Neuenstadt based company Theo Förch, one of the main sponsors of the blacksheep festival.

The band contest is organized by the young people of the blacksheep organisation team. Admission to the band contest is free.

Find all information about the band contest as well as the application conditions here

Last year’s winner Trails from Munich will play a regular act at the 6th blacksheep festival on Saturday, 29th June, 6.10pm. Read more about Trails


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