Saturday, 29th June, 6.10pm Kornspeicherbühne

In the summer of 2017 two young musicians from Munich, Germany, head off to Austin, Texas (USA) to leave everything behind and create an honest piece of music. In the blazing southern heat of Austin, Texas (USA) Patrick Roche and Luca Wollenberg find themselves holed up in the studio with renowned producer Rick del Castillo, creator of the soundtrack to movies from Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill: Vol.2) and Robert Rodriguez (Once Upon a Time in Mexico) and more than ten seasoned session musicians to record their debut ‘Desert Lullabies’ (Release: 11.24.17).

Urban Western Music

Trails play distinctive Urban Western Music. Organic guitars blend with western instruments (such as banjo, fiddle, cello and upright bass) and give traditional sounds a contemporary twist. Compelled to create ‘hand made’ music in a time of digital distortion Trails put songwriting and the authentic sound of acoustic instruments at the heart of their music. ‘Desert Lullabies’ takes the listener far away from home and on to places never heard of.

The Band

  • Luca Villegas – Vocals, Guitar
  • Luca Wollenberg – Guitar, Vocals
  • Felipe Andrade –  Bass
  • Paul Ettl – Drums

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