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Thursday, 27th June, 7.45 pm, Kornspeicherbühne

News from the Black Lab? Finally again! The Black Lab is the fabled studio of The Seer, a German rock group that has been playing energetic rock for over 25 years, making records, touring and always remaining true to itself.

So now the time has come: Studio album No. 8 is at the start, and it is good news, these “Messages from the black lab”: 14 songs, partly energetic uptempo, partly calm, soulful and thoughtful ballads. Lyrically matured is the band and shaped by life experiences, by the knowledge that there is not only black and white, but it is the nuances that characterise life.

Stay or go?

It’s thoughts like these that pervade The Seer’s new work. Running away and leaving behind does not always make people happy. Often it is what you hold in your hands, but do not consciously perceive what grounds one, what matters.

For example, the song “Promises Fade” is about promises that are supposed to last forever, but that you lose sight of. The song “Pieces”, on the other hand, is about cohesion or breaking, which is often very close to each other. “Counting cars” tells of the search for identity and certainty, “Give it up” of the possibilities that lie in the future, for which it is worth fighting or what leaves you better.

For more than 25 years, The Seer has stood for energetic rock music, which is located in the field between varied rock and folk-inspired, British music. There was always the desire to process new influences in the music, and so the now 8th studio album reflects a broad musical spectrum. And you can feel that a lifeblood of the band are also their live shows, the numerous tours, the magical moments that emerge when five crazy musicians start playing together – so powerful and spontaneous are the “Messages from the black lab”.

The Seer is back and sends the news out of the black lab into the world. Get rid of your antennas and receivers and get ready for rousing, handmade music and stories that are like little movies, leaving haunting images on your inner disks.

Still some more info

The Seer have been an integral part of the German rock and pop scene since 1990. The five men from Augsburg, Bavaria,  released their 8th Studio Album “Messages from the black lab” (Fame Recordings / Sonymusic) on March 2018 and will be on tour in 2019 with this album. There are also two live and one best-of album as well as several singles, DVDs and limited EPs. More than 150.000 CDs sold and more than 1000 concerts in Germany and abroad, tours throughout Germany, club hall and festival shows as well as support gigs for such greats as ZZ-Top, The Who, The Hooters, The Scorpions, Status Quo, Gotthard, Fish and many more testify to a history and permanence that is rarely found today.

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