Sons of the East


Sons of the East are an Australian indie folk trio formed in 2011 by Nic Johnston, Dan Wallage and Jack Rollins. In August 2013 they released their first single “Come Away” – and at the 6th blacksheep Festival the likeable trio thrilled the audience in front of the stage.

Sons of the East plays at the 9th blacksheep Festival on Saturday, 22nd June 2024

The three young men from Sydney were predicted to have great careers in 2019. They have been selling out houses down under for years.

Their sound can be described as a diverse acoustic-electric mix, which is supported by soulful vocal passages and an infectious playing mood. Modern folk in timeless songs, sometimes rocky, sometimes ballad-like, with a certain Australian twist: a cheeky melting pot of different indie sounds. And a live band like no other, with an impressive stage presence that can delight festival audiences worldwide.

“Incredible, timeless songs that will be sung by festival crowds the world over.”

With their danceable grooves, Sons of The East are reminiscent of Mumford & Sons. Rollins’ voice oscillates between grating and sweet humming, and as befits Australians, the didgeridoo, the traditional wind instrument of the northern Australian indigenous people, should not be missing. In November 2015, the trio released the EP “Already Gone”. In 2017, the band increased their popularity online enormously: 30 million Spotify streams and 6.5 million YouTube clicks speak for themselves.

The Band

  • Dan Wallage – Banjo
  • Nic Johnston – Guitar, Vocals
  • Jack Rollins – Keyboard, Piano, Vocals
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