Reckless Kelly


This high-caliber Austin TX-based americana/country rock band’s name is as familiar to the Blue Rose Records fan base as if they had been releasing albums on the label for years. Musically, they are a natural fit, in December 2012 the Willy Braun-led quintet performed a blistering set at the Blue Rose Christmas Party and their brother band Micky & The Motorcars has indeed become a torch bearer for the label’s red dirt/country department.

But Reckless Kelly have in fact only released their 2010 album Somewhere In Time on Blue Rose. Now their new album “Long Night Moon” is a new addition!

“Long Night Moon” is Reckless Kelly’s tenth release since they started out in the mid-90s. Back then, they were an insider’s tip in the ever-lively Austin scene, releasing three early albums before the turn of the century. Their breakthrough came with the fantastic “Under the Table & Above the Sun” in 2003. Reckless Kelly had arrived on the modern roots music scene and seemed to provide the missing link between classic country rock, Poco or Nitty Gritty DirtBand style, and the singer-songwriter movement of Steve Earle and Buddy Miller. “Wicked Twisted Road” in 2005 featured more ballads with Texas & Celtic folk influences contrasted with hard-rocking, Southern boogie-infused numbers. Up until then they were five-time winners of the “Best roots & country rock band in Austin” award. In 2006 the double live CD & DVD set “Reckless Kelly was here” was the last release in their fruitful Sugar Hill era.

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  • Band
  • Willy Braun – Guitar, Vocals
  • Cody Braun – Vocals, Fiddle, Mandoline, Mouth Harp
  • Joe Miller – Bass
  • Jay Nazz – Drums
  • Jeff Crosby – Guitar, Piano, Vocals


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