Niedeckens BAP


Thursday, 27th June, 9.40pm, Kornspeicherbühne

Wolfgang Niedeckens Bap ist coming to us with a fresh tour program: The original show consists an overwhelming repertoire of songs in a German dialect that also German-speaking listeners do not always understand. But no dought: BAP is a legend – and BAP-songs of that unusual band are part of German music history.

Niedeckens BAP returns to the stage after a creative break on Thursday, June 27, at the 6th blacksheep Festival in Bonfeld, before the tour comes to an end after only a few gigs. In Bonfeld BAP fans have one of the last chances to experience the “Strooßekööter Tour”.

Support: Sing my Song-Band

For the first time in its 40-year history, BAP is supported by a three-headed brass section, namely the section of the “Sing meinen Song”-Band, featuring classics like “Kristallnaach”, “Verdamp lang her”, “Do kanns zaubere” or „Nemm mich met“ as well as new songs from the latest album “Reinrassije Strooßekööter – The Family Album”, which Wolfgang Niedecken has recorded in New Orleans. So a fresh south wind blows through, which is reflected in the stage design as well as in the groovy arrangements.

Brass Trio gives a sparkling note

The brass trio gives Kölsch rock hits such as „Waschsalon“, „Et ess, wie’t ess“ oder „Diss Naach ess alles drin“ a sparkling note. With great attention to detail, Wolfgang Niedecken has also put findings from his treasure chest on the setlist.

The songs are illustrated by projections, private photos or self-made film sequences, creating a very special atmosphere and blurring them into a big whole with Wolfgang Niedecken’s anecdotes and stories. Yes, Niedecken is not only an outstanding musician, he is also a gorgeous storyteller, with a warm-hearted nature and the connection to his roots in Köln.

A trip to yesteryear’s New Orleans

The blacksheep visitors will experience a musical journey from Köln to southern states of the United States of America.

The stage design is a reminiscent of the magical New Orleans charm of yesteryear, and when “Tara’s Theme” is recorded off-screen at the beginning of the concert, the theme song of the film classic “Gone with the Wind”, you should be prepared for a musical journey full of surprises.

But Wolfgang Niedecken would not be Wolfgang Niedecken if he did not assert his socio-political claim during the course of the evening by clearly taking a stand. Many of his words are more relevant than ever today.

  • The Band
  • Wolfgang Niedecken – Vocals, Guitar
  • Anne de Wolff – Multi-Instrumentalist
  • Werner Kopal – Bass
  • Ulrich Rode – Guitar
  • Michael Nass – Keyboard
  • Sönke Reich – Percussion
  • Axel Müller – Saxophon
  • Christoph Moschberger – Trumpet
  • F. Johannes Goltz – Trombone

Watch the full concert on You Tube

That is typical for BAP: The group presents the whole concert from the Paladium in Köln für their fans. Have a look and enjoy one of the most successful bands of Germany.


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