Hans Söllner


Saturday, 29th June, 4.40pm, Schossparkbühne

Hans Söllner is a German singer/songwriter, singer and guitarist. Over all, he is one of the most quarrelsome, clear and dedicated songwriters our country has. For many people, Hans Söllner is the right voice at the right time. Whether he is against racism or is in favor of the legitimization of marijuana.

“You fucking racist look that you’re sneaking. This is my home and not your empire.”

Hans Söllner is born on 24. December 1955 in Bad Reichenhall. He was trained as a chef and car mechanic. He was the first time on a stage in 1979 and has since been a songwriter and musician. Söllner, the singer/songwriter and Bavarian rebel: from a working-class child to an enemy of the state and a champion of justice, from a cook apprentice and car mechanic to a staunch supporter of the release of marijuana and ultimately to the voice of Bavaria.

“We have no better than this cunning, cursing, state, church and religion criticizing and even High German far-flung Rastafari. Honored Mr. Söllner.” Others write about him.

He himself describes his life in this words:

“After a year of unemployment, I was sent to Füssen to learn how to sacrifice myself for my country in the event of war, but after three months of basic training, I decided to wipe the disabled’s ass rather than the stupid ones in it After 16 months of community service in Weilheim (then Strauss-stronghold) I moved to Munich to be unemployed for two years and to write my first song during this time: ‘Finally a job’ “

After these two years of unemployment, he began an apprenticeship as a car mechanic in Munich, which he also completed. In these three years of apprenticeship, he wrote the tracks for his first LP: And so began his career as “Berchtesgaden’s sow: After spending years learning four handles on a gifted guitar, I began to sing to mediocre guitar playing just as mediocrely – In 1979 I had my first appearance in the then Munich cabaret Robinson.

With my annual agreement I can afford me and my children (now it’s two, a third is in work) after deducting food and lodging, that a Gauweiler and a bouquet (hopefully there is no rebirth) pass my ass.

Now that I’m convinced that every person has to follow the path his rhythm dictates, I’ll go all the way to the end, even as he passes through courtrooms and disillusionment cells.

And it seems so, that it’ll be a long way.


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