Friday, 28th June, 10.50pm Schlossparkbühne

“Für Immer” (For Ever) is a stunning ballad, a smash hit and forever connected with famous rock singer Doro Pesch, who contributed this wonderful song to the world of music in 1987.

“Für Immer” celebrates it’s 30th anniversary now. And it’s a perfect fit that a very unique album was released on October 27th  2017: The first German album of Doro. It’s (of course) entitled “Für Immer” and contents 17 digitally re-remastered Doro songs including best known hits and fan favourites like “Alles ist gut” (Everything will be fine), “Herzblut” (Lifeblood), “Engel”  (Angel) or “In Liebe und Freundschaft” (In Love and friendship).

Doro’s first ever album with German lyrics only was released on her very own, brand new label “Rare Diamonds Productions” and conquered the German album charts in the first week of it’s release, when it hit rank 16!

Some of her German smash hits, like the new David Bowie Cover “Helden” (Heroes), will find it’s way into Doros brand new show-program, which was presented to thousands of fans from November 10th 2017, when Doro and her band entered the tour bus for an extensive European tour, that traditionally ended in Germany shortly before Christmas.

At the beginning of 2018 Doro went back to the studio to produce her long awaited new album, which was released on August 3rd 2018 via Nuclear Blast.

Doro is a german legend but has fans all over the world. Her album “Forever Warriors, forever united” reached the charts in Germany #1, Finland #3 (Physial), Sweden #7 (Physical) and #3 (Vinyl), USA #2 (Rock) and #12 (Indie). . . And the show goes on.

The greatness of Doro live was captured once more in 2016, when Doro released her stunning Live DVD / BD / CD “Strong and Proud – 30 Years Of Rock And Metal” (Nuclear Blast). This masterpiece not only offers the stunning anniversary concerts in Wacken, New York, Moskau and DORO´s hometown Düsseldorf, Germany, but it also reveals “Behind the Curtain, Inside the Heart of Doro”, a great music documentary, which allows deep and exclusive, behind the scenes views into DORO´s (tour-)life. It conquered the world by storm and hit the top spots of the charts: #1 in Finland, #2 in Germany and #3 in the UK!

  • The Band
  • Doro Pesch – Vocals
  • Nick Douglas – Bass
  • Johnny Dee – Drums
  • Bas Maas – Guitars
  • Luca Princiotta – Guitars,Keyboards

Doro with “Lift me up” on You Tube

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