Through friendship, at sessions and plenty of tea, the Irish formation Bunoscionn has emerged, a musical love child, which was shown by Irish folk music and dance, reggae and rock (the paternity test is still pending).

Based in Ireland, the band consists of five musicians who are rooted in tradition, but stand one foot outside of any convention.

For the second time Bunoscionn come to Paddy’s Night

After Bunoscionn was able to inspire our audience on the Paddy’s Night in 2018 with a powerful show, we are all the more looking forward to welcoming you a second time. Because even in their homeland, the Irish occur at festivals and events of all kinds, but also at chimney-sessions, in pubs and everywhere, where there are performance opportunities.

The story of Bunoscionn started in a pub. But soon the musicians played at some of the best festivals in Ireland, including Electric Picnic, Spirit of Folk, Knockanstockan and the Sunflower Festival. They also played various shows while recording their first EP with their own songs. Bunoscionn can now be found at various venues and festivals outside of Ireland, such as Munich, Amsterdam, Salzburg and Vienna. And now they are with us in Bad Wimpfen: At a small indoor festival called Paddy’s Night.


The band

  • Ciaran Connaughton – Gasang, guitar
  • Michelle Lynch – vocals, banjo, guitars
  • Glenda McCormack – vocals, whistle, flute
  • Conleth Dunne – Bass
  • Michael Cross – drums
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