Realize and enjoy the beautiful and magical moments of life!

To be aware of them, to celebrate them. There is nothing better for Bosse than being on stage and together with his fans he wants to relive this feeling during his concerts in 2023. Concerts are his elixir of life, they are the real reason for making music and recording songs.

The exceptional artist is with us for the first time, namely as the top act on Thursday, 22nd June 2023 – at the 8th blacksheep festival, which will take place from Thursday to Saturday, 22nd to 24th June, around the beautiful Bonfeld Castle Park.

Bosse is bursting with fresh musical ideas, inimitable wit and remarkable depth of field in his view of things. He whirls up. Artistic, thematic, emotional. In the songs he sums up his view of the “now”. With hip movement and posture. With lightness and traction. That sounds and feels good: listening to someone who has found their very personal center and balance. In life and in music. Today, Bosse is a well-established and celebrated force in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Breakthrough came with “The Last Dance”

His now gold-plated hit single, “The Last Dance,” reminded us to capture the beauty of important moments. Don’t just let them pass you by. Live in the here and now! To absorb and appreciate the positive sides of life all the more. Hardly anyone else knows how to let profundity come around the corner with musically beguiling ease. His current album “Sunnyside” is just as complex. Bosse once again manages the balancing act between airy summer songs (“Wild nach Dein Augen”), thoughtful reflections (“Nebensaison”) and touching statements (“Father”).

With his albums “Engtanz” (2015) and “Everything is Now” (2018) he went straight to number 1 in the German album charts.

The predecessors “Wartesaal”, “Kraniche” and the hit single “Schönste Zeit” are decorated with gold. In times of dwindling sales, increasing fast pace and focus on “songs” to sell more than 100,000 albums: a rarity.

Belonging to one of the most established and recognized artists in the live business: probably the best award for continuity and the greatest gift that your own audience can give you. Playing in front of hundreds of thousands of people. At the biggest festivals like Rock am Ring/Rock im Park, Hurricane/Southside, Highfield or Deichbrand. In front of more than 13,000 fans at their own open-air concert on the Hamburg harness racing track. In front of more than 100,000 visitors on the tour for the album “Everything Is Now”. Selling out club concerts within two minutes: Bosse is a magnet. Not just musically. And that’s why we’re looking forward to seeing him so much: at the blacksheep festival 2023.

Above all, it is his attitude and credibility that creates identification. In his strict and loud position against all right-wing Germanism and all National Socialist ideas. In his commitment and in his support for various NGOs.

His drive: every step forward releases energy. Every sweaty concert love. Every new album gratitude. From the outside today more than ever: appreciation and unlimited sympathy. For a remarkable artistic career. Far away from vanity and airs and graces. Full of depth and sustainability. Winner of many prizes such as the “German Music Author Prize”, the “Fred Jay Prize” or the Hamburg Music Prize “Hans”.

In 2023, too, Bosse will continue unperturbed and consistently on his way. Since Bosse is currently working on new songs in the studio, new music can certainly be expected before the summer.

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