„Alternative pop rock with a touch of indie. A bit dreamy. But above all: emotional and thrilling!” This is how a young band from Germany describes their music: MISS MADISON.

MISS MADISON, founded in summer 2018, is: Yannick, Simon, Jannik and Vincent. Four boys in their twenties, all from Mönchengladbach.

Their lyrics are about devotion, love, desire and experiences in the modern world. Up to three vocals as well as drums, bass, guitars and keyboards/synthesizers – the guys have it all. Catchy melodies, but also driving dance numbers, which comes with complex rhythms and versatile melodies, “. . . even with musical influences from U2 or Coldplay.” (Herzog Kultur und Stadtmagazin Jülich).

Folk with a driving guitar: This is MISS MADISON

In spring 2020 they released their first studio single “Burnin’ Eyes”. A song about longing with melancholic piano as well as driving guitar and drums. In October 2020 the boys released their first EP “Midnight Stories”. The single “Won’t wake up alone”,   released in September, was a foretaste of the EP. It begins as a piano ballad and ends with devastating guitars and driving choirs. Within a short period of time, it has taken streams on streaming platforms to a new level.

The four guys are currently working on records for an EP release in summer 2023. The first singles “Mars” and “Born to run” were released in September 2022 and spring 2023 and impressed with their driving indie sound. The last single from the following EP came out in July 2023 and is called “Up in the Sky”. It is a folk song with a driving guitar and polyphonic choirs.

In addition to current appearances at city festivals and events on stages in North Rhine Westphalia and the Netherlands, MISS MADISON were part of the renowned band contest “Young Talents”, which took place in Viersen near Mönchengladbach. The four musicians were chosen this evening as the best-placed newcomer band.

The Band

  • Yannick Lange – bass, lead vocals
  • Simon Nolte – keyboard, synthesizer, vocals
  • Jannik Backhaus – guitar, vocals
  • Vincent Grupe – drums
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