17.12.2022 von Ulrike

Tom Gregory and Steiner & Madlaina

Suzi Quatro, Fiddler’s Green and Bosse: These are three of 17 acts we will present at the 8th blacksheep Festival – Live in the Bonfeld Castle Park, Thursday to Saturday, 22nd to 24th June 2023.

On today’s fourth Sunday in Advent, we’ll reveal two more outstanding acts that you can look forward to. Drum roll: Tim Gregory and Steiner & Madlaina join us.

The likeable singer/songwriter Tom Gregory has long been an insider tip in our country. But since the young and talented musician has been delivering one radio hit after the other, his fan base has also been growing here. His first single “Run to you” was released almost four years ago. With “Fingertips” and “Never let me down” it was clear: a really big one is here at work. Tom Gregory is playing with us on Friday, 23rd June, as our young top act – before the legendary Suzi Quatro!

Steiner & Madlaina (Photo: Tim Wettstein) are an enchanting duo from Switzerland who have long since made it into the line-ups of the really big festivals, such as Southside and Hurricane, and have taken audiences by storm. With us are Nora Steiner & Madlaina Pollina on Thursday, June 22 – right before Bosse. Are you in? Then buy your tickets quickly: The early bird offer is only valid up to and including December 27th, after that the regular prices apply.

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