Cashless Payment


Beim blacksheep Festival bezahlst du auf dem gesamten Festivalgelände bargeldlos mit einer Chipkarte im Kreditkartenformat. Das bisherige Wertmarkensystem gibt es nicht mehr.


Cashless – also bargeldloses Bezahlen – bietet viele Vorteile

  • Schnelles Bezahlen und damit verkürzte Wartezeiten an den einzelnen Ständen
  • Einfacher Kauf von Speisen und Getränken. Ohne Nachzählen von Wechselgeld
  • Kein Zählen und Abreißen der Papierwertmarken wie bisher
  • Stark vereinfachte Pfandrückgabe

Dazu kommen eine hohe Sicherheit und Transparenz für unsere Besucher: Alle Transaktionen sind nachvollziehbar. Das Verkaufspersonal kann dir unmittelbar nach einer Transaktion die abgebuchten Beträge und das verbleibende Guthaben auf deiner Chipkarte zeigen.



Where do I get the card and when can I top it up?

On the festival site you can pick up the card at one of the three ticket stalls near the entrances. The credit can be topped up there at any time during the opening hours. Payment is also possible here at any time.

What options do I have to load the chip card?

The following options are available: cash, EC, credit and debit cards (VISA [icon name=”cc-visa” class=”” unprefixed_class=””], Mastercard [icon name=”cc-mastercard” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]).

When issuing a new chip card, we charge a one-off 3 Euro deposit, which will be refunded on return. The deposit amount is deducted directly from the top-up amount.

Can I top up money before the festival starts?

No, unfortunately that doesn’t work at the moment. Credit can only be topped up on the festival site.

Can you alternatively pay for food and drinks in cash?

No. Cashless payment applies to the entire festival area, at all food and drink stands. The only exception are the merchandise stands of the bands and of blacksheep.

What is the minimum amount of money I can or can I top up?

There is no minimum loading amount. However, in order to avoid waiting times at the charging stations, we recommend charging sufficient credit at the beginning of the visit to the festival. For security reasons, the maximum credit is € 150 per recharge.

How do I pay with the card?

The staff at the stands place your order in our mobile cash register and show you the amount that will be debited. Then you give our staff your cashless card to debit the amount. Then you get your food or drinks. At the end, your remaining balance will be shown on the till display.

Tip: To be sure that everything went correctly, just ask for the current balance on your cashless card before placing your order. Later complaints and cancellations cannot be made.

An incorrect amount was accidentally debited at the booth. What now?

Please let us know directly at the booth if you think something has not been debited correctly. If your problem cannot be solved there, please contact our info point. There the PurpleX service staff can help you quickly and correct the incorrect booking.

How can I check my expenses?

The credit can be checked at any time at all stands and at the info point. Simply ask about the account balance, briefly give the staff your card and let the display show you your account balance.

What happens when my credit runs out?

Do not worry. When your credit runs out, you can top up again and again. How often you want.

Can I give my chip card to someone else?

Yes, of course.

What happens if I lose my chip card or if it is stolen?

Registration of visitor data is not intended at the blacksheep Festival. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to replace remaining credit in the event of card loss or to block cards. So please take good care of your card and treat it as carefully as your cash.

How can I withdraw my remaining credit? And until when?

You will get back what you did not spend at the end of the festival. This is free of charge at the ticket booths. Please note that a refund is only possible during the festival.

The remaining credit on the chip card can be exchanged until the ticket office closes (at least 1 hour after the end of the program). Alternatively, chip cards and the credit on them can also be donated to a good cause. You can find the relevant information at the ticket booth.

Can I use the remaining credit next year?

No, unfortunately not. We have to close our accounts properly at the end of the year, which is why the amounts are paid out after the event.

Can I reuse my card next year?

Of Course you can reuse your card next year.

Am I or my consumption behavior monitored?

No, we do not collect any personal data. Personalized data is therefore not saved or evaluated in connection with your consumption

Who can I ask, if I have problems or questions?

If you have questions in advance, please contact our cashless partner at Appropriate service staff will be available to answer questions during the festival.

January 21, 2020