Valve Radio Gang


As a special guest to the band contest, we welcome a stirring band from the Swabian capital – the Valve Radio Gang. Hard blues rock, paired with stoner and psychedelic influences meets a new sound with varied instrumentation.

Three boys in their early twenties create a sound network with drums, bass, analogue synthesizers and a Hammond organ, which creates a unique atmosphere in live performances: allegedly clear lines led by a bass board, shuffle into shifted bars, ring modulators and up to the stop distorted organs.

Spherical sounds in modern gear

As clear as the music, so covered are the lyrics. One does not believe in a universal statement that the band wants to make. Here is no hatred screamed out and no lovesickness processed. It works a pure collective.

A machine that only works for itself. The band puts the pulse at full speed. You dive into old Super 8 recordings from the USA in the 70s and feel the influences of the rock bands of this time, which are reinterpreted in the here and now.

News from the band history

In April 2017, the three guys released their first EP called “Introduction” on all current streaming portals and due to the retrofactor of the band also on vinyl. The EP was recorded on own initiative and produced by Alexander Füllemann (drums). For the vocals, a lonely mountain lodge in Austria was visited for a week, in which the fresh songs were given a magical finishing touch. Valve Radio Gang is a creative factory that lives out their DIY attitudes at the highest professional level.

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