Stefanie Heinzmann


Since her debut album “Masterplan” in 2008, Stefanie Heinzmann has been one of the most successful, extraordinary and inspiring singers in the European pop scene.

In 2018 she was one of our topacts at the 5th blacksheep Festival. The Lady from Switzerland presented herself as an energetic live musician, as a power woman with a hammer voice, and she captured the hearts of the audience immediately with her music and her charming manner.

Now she is back with a new look and with “All you need is Love”. How true that is!

Greet Voice, greet Career

After countless platinum and gold awards, sold-out tours, working with world stars such as Tower of Power, Joss Stone, Lionel Richie or Ronan Keating, the ECHO, the Swiss Music Award, the Kids Choice Award and the 1Live Krone, and last but not least Stefanie Heinzmann looks back now as juror of the two most recent seasons of “The Voice of Switzerland”.

Self-reflection during emotional states of emergency has always been the best breeding ground for their pieces. Stefanie Heinzmann shows on her new album so vulnerable, but at the same time as strong and confident as never before. “Chance of Rain” is her set logbook of joy and sorrow.

“The Voice was also a big topic for me,” says Stefanie, “I learned a lot about myself and received a new respect for the profession of music creators.”

The songs of her new album are the result of months of sessions in Nashville, Los Angeles, London, Switzerland, Cologne and Berlin. They were finally recorded in collaboration with five producers in studios in London, Berlin and Cologne.

New people, new challenges

For Stefanie Heinzmann these were completely new experiences: new people, new surroundings, new impulses and new challenges. Venture out, stretch the creative feelers in different directions, try out and see what feels good and what suits them, the motto of their fourth album explained. “And it should have eggs,” Stefanie adds with a laugh. On “Chance of Rain”, she moves away from her motown roots and turns into an immediate catchy sound mix of organic neo-soul and electronic elements.

“We’ve done everything differently than on the first three records this time, as a singer, I’m still learning to develop, keep developing and find out a little better where the journey goes with each album I’m far from arrived – and that is For me, the term “arrived” means the end, standstill, I’ve found out for myself that it’s not necessary to arrive anywhere, which gave me some rest during the recording. “

“Chance of Rain” is the lived realization that everything has its meaning and that in every obstacle, in each one-way street also change and new chances inherent. With Stefanie Heinzmann comes a cutting-edge, highly interesting musician to us, which we are very pleased.

The Band

  • Stefanie Heinzmann – Guitar, Vocals
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