Robert Jon & The Wreck


Robert Jon & The Wreck play on an equal footing with big guns like Blackberry Smoke or Whiskey Myers. In 2015, this fantastic band from Orange County/California rushed out of nowhere into the circle of established and new, young southern rock bands of this genre, which is currently experiencing a grandiose revival, with their debut album “Glory Bound” and played their way into hearts in no time of the ever hungry fans.

“We travel the nation, drink whiskey and play the music we love.” This is how the five bearded gentlemen from Southern California describe themselves and put another wonderfully banging piece of music without frills on the turntable or in the CD player album after album .

While the quintet was still an absolute insider tip at the beginning, that has changed a lot over the years and with the albums that have been released at regular intervals. The third album “Good Life Pie” was released in 2016, followed by the self-titled “Robert Jon & The Wreck” in 2017. The album was advertised with a European tour that also took the band to Germany and caused a sensation. In the right, dirty southern sound, they rolled right into your ear canals without hesitation. And that full of passion, rawness and fervor. With a big scoop, they scoop an energetic mixture from the buckets of southern rock, blues and folk. This results in a pounding carpet of sound including a bass that still sits firmly in your stomach hours later, a rousing guitar playing and heart-rending, authentic vocals. The songs come full of energy, straightforward, but also full of substance, full of heart and soul, with great melodies, deeply rooted in the “spirit” of the golden seventies era.

Live from Hawaii

After a live album intermezzo from 2018 (“Live From Hawaii”), the next hit followed in 2019 with “Take Me Higher”. The online magazine “Rocktimes” ( writes enthusiastically: “Anyone who hasn’t had the band on their radar so far can grab it now. If the guys continue to work so consistently, there will soon be no more club shows and you have to dig a lot deeper into your pockets if you want to see a concert by them!”

“Take Me Higher” was advertised in 2019 with another European tour, again with numerous performances in Germany, before Corona stopped the tour planned for 2020. One consolation was the album “Last Night On The Highway”, with which the band would certainly have taken another giant step up the career ladder if the virus hadn’t prevented it.

Shine a Light on me, Brother

The current album “Shine A Light On Me, Brother” was released in September 2021 and again caused a sensation among the steadily growing fan base, and the media are also full of praise: “They shake brilliant, top-class songs out of their sleeves when it would be nothing. Rich guitars, wonderful slide, ravishing solos, extremely strong, variable song material, wonderful melodies, sometimes a rootsy country rock flair, then again the proximity to jam rock, a dash of soul and blues, an earthy, rich sound (produced with three/four songs the skillful and well-tempered brass group “504 Horns” from New Orleans added pressure and heat – hardly any other band manages to convey original “grit”, naturalness, noticeable, jammy joy of playing and wonderful harmonies with such a matter of course and perfection, in such a way irresistible, natural, earthy southern rock robe” (

The Band

  • Robert Jon Burrison – Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • Andrew Espantman – Drums, Background Vocals
  • Steve Maggiora – Keyboards, Background Vocals
  • Henry Schneekluth – Lead Guitar, Background Vocals
  • Warren Murrel – Bass
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