NEEVE wants to attract attention: with their debut EP “Take a Trip into my beating Heart”, the pop indie band of the brothers Felix and Axel, as well as Philipp and Marius from Stuttgart have made an impressive statement. Their 2018 published EP was produced in collaboration with Ralf Christian Mayer (Mark Forster) and Robin Schmidt (mastering).

When Felix and his friends decided to make music in 2013, they just did not want to sound like anyone else.

“We’ve always inspired each other, and if I were to describe our current EP “Take a Trip into my beating Heart” I would say, that all four songs are based on rhythm and melody.”

NEEVE calls this itself Indie-Pop, because the music of the band contains many Britpop vibes – in addition to many elements and feelings from other genres. “We love to write simple songs on the guitar, and then creating a multi-faceted world that throws you into a different scene with each song. The modern, catchy pop sound and our drums make our music refreshing and honest”, says Felix.


  • Felix Seyboth – Vocals
  • Marius Spohrer – Guitar
  • Axel Seyboth – Piano, Guitar
  • Philipp Spohrer – Bass
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