Mighty Oaks

England, Italien, USA


Three young men, from three countries, combining three part harmonies, resulting in one unique sound. This Berlin based indie-folk band comprised of Ian Hooper (US), Claudio Donzelli (Italy), and Craig Saunders (UK) writes honest, authentic and emotionally driven songs.

Acoustic guitars and mandolins form the centre of their sound, layers of electric guitars create space and depth, rounded off through solid bass lines and the heartbeat of a simple drum. The music sets the perfect scene for the lyrics, which often draw their inspiration from the Pacific Northwest, the birthplace of Hooper. Set amidst these wonderful landscapes come tales of love, loss and the beauty of all that surrounds.

A new EP only a few month after “Dreamer”

And now a new EP! Only a few months after the second album “Dreamers”? But why?

“To try out a new cycle of creating, a much more natural one”, says Craig Saunders from Britain. “I always keep writing anyway”, says Ian from America.He’s already back in his studio again sketching ideas for the third album of the folkrock band: “We wanted to take back the music, make it according to our own rules, that’s how we created Storm”.

In just two weeks Ian, Craig and Claudio from Italy jumped from the tour bus, without a shower, fell straight into the studio, with a shower, and recorded the four track EP with Robert Stephenson, the producer of “Howl”, that album, that made Mighty Oaks a famoust band on Soundcloud, in clubs and more and more on bigger stages. An EP that was for the band and their fans.

The time stress was helpful”, says Craig. “We couldn’t discuss everything too much”, says Ian.

The production of the last album, the pressure they put on themselves to come up with the perfect radio single, touring across the USA, driving themselves over 10 000 miles in their van, without family and friends, definitely challenged the band and led to the desire to do music by themselves and for themselves. You can hear that. These songs need a lot of space. To just let it out, that was the intention of this storm. And it’s this organic approach that makes the songs sound like a warm autumn wind.

Craig describes the four new songs as deeper, more introspective, with more room. As “music perfect for autumn-time”. Strings pave the way for feelings that need to escape from the head. Songs about doubt, about the one chance in life, about homesickness and transformation. Big topics. For great music.

Mighty Oaks will be presenting these songs on their European tour as well as at festivals in 2018.

The Band

  • Ian Hooper – Vocal, Guitar, Mandoline, Drums
  • Claudio Donzelli – Vocal, Guitar, Mandoline, Banjo, Keyboard
  • Craig Saunders –  Vocal, Bass

Website: www.mightyoaksmusic.com

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