Laura Cox


With Laura Cox the young generation of hard rock comes to us. The guitarist and singer with French-British roots became known through cover videos of rock and blues standards, which she regularly published on YouTube from 2008 onwards. The 32-year-old has now established herself as an independent artist who has internalized the classic hard rock school and developed further.

Laura Cox plays at the 9th blacksheep Festival on Friday, 21th June 2024

Laura Cox started playing the guitar when she was 14. Her goal was to learn as many solos as possible from her favorite musicians. So she took lessons and studied the guitar as best she could.

As befits a proper rock guitarist, Laura Cox also has her favorite guitar. However, initially playing on a Fender Stratocaster, she quickly realized that she was not a dedicated Strat player. So she switched to the camp of Les Paul guitarists and sends her solos to the audience via Orange amps. Let’s be surprised by what type of guitar Laura Cox wants to inspire us with at the 9th blacksheep Festival.

With her first two albums “Hard Blues Shot” (2017) & “Burning Bright” (2019), Laura Cox became the most prominent singer/guitarist in the French rock scene. With her album “Head Above Water”, released in 2022, she was finally able to establish herself as a rising star in the European rock sky.

“Head Above Water” was recorded by Erwin Autrique in the legendary ICP studio in Brussels and mastered by multi-award-winning Grammy Award winner Ted Jensen, who also operated the controls for the Eagles and Rolling Stones.

Laura Cox is a world star guitarist

With her third album, Laura Cox has once again shown that she knows exactly how to reinvent herself while remaining true to the facets of her musical talent. With her riffs and solos, Laura Cox masters both flow and precision, and her clear playing style makes it clear that she knows her stuff. With her inimitable mix of classic rock and bluegrass elements, Laura Cox is a driving force of the young generation of rock guitarists who will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

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