Five guys in their early twenties. This is the band kleinestadt, one of four groups playing for the FÖRCH Young Talent Award 2024. Quentin, Timo, Johannes, Fabio and Karl met in kindergarten. They have been making music together for over ten years. Since 2020 they have called themselves a small town.

The first album, called “kleinstadt” as well, was released in 2022. The lyrics are about the experiences in the youth. The second album, “all the years”, was released a year later and primarily focuses on growing up. Kleinstadt says of itself: “The band is looking forward to a future full of memories.”

kleinstadt opened the Stuttgart Kessel Festival 2022

Quentin, Timo, Johannes, Fabio and Karl repeatedly prove themselves to be good friends. But they also stand together as musicians and songwriters (not just on stage).

In 2022, kleinstadt opened the Kessel Festival in Stuttgart. In 2023, the boys were invited to the Young Music Scene meeting in Berlin for the second time. In their own words, they are “currently in Herrenberg (Baden-Württemberg) and the surrounding area” – and are one of our bands that are playing for a performance at the blacksheep festival 2024. That finds; You already know, from Thursday, June 20th to Saturday, June 22nd.

The Band

  • Fabio Raab –
  • Karl Groß –
  • Quentin Sawall –
  • Timo Klein –
  • Johannes Roll –
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