Kevin Pabst

Since Kevin Pabst was born in 1991 and since he has found his passion for music, a development has taken place year after year that continues to this day. From a young age Kevin had the honor of working with great musicians, composers and producers. During this time he was able to complete his partly innovative ideas.
The year 2022, linked to the current album #ZEITREISE, is also under the musical star of further development. Kevin Pabst has gotten to know many new people, cultures, countries and musical influences over the past few years. He has collected influences and experiences that are also reflected and shown in his development on stage.

He continues on his own path, which he embarked on with the album #weltreise 2016, and is constantly expanding his portfolio. Whether as a moderator, trumpet soloist, accompanied by a pianist, with his own band, together with a tenor like the world-famous Welshman Paul Potts or with the soprano Eva Lind: at the numerous tour concerts, gala evenings, company celebrations, church concerts, marquee or open air events Kevin Pabst from Wittlingen shines and inspires his audience with the bright sound of his trumpeters.

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