HISS – 25 years Polka’n’Roll

In 1995, Austria, Sweden and Finland joined the EU, Jacques Chirac became French President and Borussia Dortmund again German football champion after 32 years. Rory Gallagher and Konrad Zuse died, the DVD was invented, and the beautiful song “Max do not have Sex with your Ex” was in the German charts.

Many of the mentioned events have since been forgotten. The year 1995 remains in our memory, because it was the founding year of the chapel HISS.

Eight records in 25 years

Since then, they have traveled on water, on land and in the air, played almost 2500 concerts and recorded eight records, appeared in countless television programs, were showered with prizes – including the Baden-Württemberg cabaret prize in 2019 – have convinced critics and Thousands of fans won.

Despite all the obstacles and dangers, HISS moves around the world unmoved, bringing us her mix of folk and ska, waltzes and blues, polka and roll. Although time has drawn a few furrows to their faces, their music is still fresh, their performances are still full of energy and their lyrics are a declaration of love for humor and life.

In the anniversary year HISS brings us a cross section through 25 years of their work, the proven and the new, the dance and the thoughtful, the quiet and the loud, the slow, the fast and the very fast.


  • Stefan Hiss – Vocals, Accordion
  • Michael Roth – Harmonica, Vocals
  • Joscha Brettschneider – Guitar
  • Volker Schuh – Bass
  • Bernd Öhlenschläger – Drums, Percussion
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