Give Me A Remedy


Give Me A Remedy is the name of the young Giessen-based band founded in 2020, the year of the coronavirus, who have made it their mission to captivate their audience with a variety of emotions. The charismatic singer Natalie impresses with lyrics in her native language.

Her unique voice blends pleasantly into a gripping guitar sound against a spherical synth backdrop. The live highlight of the band’s young history so far has been a performance at the Open Flair Festival 2023, with more appearances at festivals such as Blacksheep in Bonfeld to follow.

Give Me A Remedy plays on Friday, 21st June 2024, at the blacksheep Festival

In June 2022, Give Me A Remedy released their first EP “Full Circle”. The songs on “Full Circle” stand for conviction, passion and truth. And yet there is still room for playfulness and innocence between the hard lines. These lyrical contradictions are also expressed in the musical alternation between introspection and aggression.

The two singles “Enemy” and “Anaesthetic” followed in the early summer of 2023. With these songs, the band noticeably developed their sound and managed to expand their audience.

The title “Enemy” embodies a rebellion that makes you want to sing along as if it were a battle cry from your own heart. With “Anaesthetic”, Give Me A Remedy has written a modern and energetic rock song that sets to music the chaos from which we all seek refuge. The band members’ influences range from Evanescence to Paramore to Bring Me The Horizon and are a constant source of inspiration.

Unique to the band is the songwriting style that leads the listener through a labyrinth of meanings. This creates live moments with a wide range of emotions: From sentimental verses to anthemic choruses to hard-hitting breakdowns. Give Me A Remedy offer modern melodic rock for a comprehensive and energetic live experience.

The Band

  • Natalie Purdak – Vocals
  • Joshua Lenz – Drums
  • Johannes Schlüter – Bass
  • Lukas Rink – Guitar
  • Paul Dreher – Keyboards, Vocals
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