Dire Straits Legacy


They are legends of British rock. Music fans all over the world are swooning over their name. “Money for Nothing”, “Sultans of Swing” or “Brothers in Arms” – the Dire Straits have sold more than 120 million albums with their hits, making them one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

Four original members (!) are now bringing the legendary music of Dire Straits back to the stage at the 9th blacksheep Festival – Live in Bonfeld Castle Park. A date to remember.

Dire Straits Legacy at the blacksheep Festival on Saturday, 22nd June 2024

Dire Straits has not performed together in public since 1995, and founding member Mark Knopfler has nipped any hope of a reunion in the bud. Dire Straits Legacy – DSL for short – is now bringing fans back, what they have been missing for many years. By the way, we also get to know such outstanding musicians as Mel Gibson, an original member of King Crimson.

blacksheep presents the iconic music of Dire Straits

After founding member David Knopfler, Mark’s brother, who was with us in 2017, we now present Dire Straits keyboardist Alan Clark, Dire Straits guitarist Phil Palmer, Dire Straits percussionist Danny Cummings, Dire Straits saxophonist Mel Collins and many other highly professional musicians. The cast list reads like a who’s who of rock music.

Alan Clark joined Dire Straits as their first keyboardist in 1980 and was the only musician alongside Mark Knopler to play on every song the band released from then on. Clark co-produced the album “On Every Street” and was considered the band’s musical director among his colleagues. In 2018 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a key member of Dire Straits.

Phil Palmer joined Dire Straits in 1990, touring the world with them and playing on the albums On Every Street and On the Night Live. Aside from that, Palmer is considered one of the leading session guitarists, with his riffs gracing more than 450 records by various artists. He was a member of Eric Clapton’s band, among others.

Danny Cummings was part of the live ensemble from 1990. He can be heard as a percussionist on “On Every Street” and plays on the album tour. Even after Dire Straits disbanded, he remained at Mark Knopfler’s side and accompanied him on his solo tours as a drummer and percussionist. Cunnings worked with other world stars such as Tina Turner, George Michael and Bryan Adams.

Mel Collins was a member of Dire Straits since 1982. His saxophone can already be heard on the “Love over Gold” album, followed by world tours and further recordings with the band. Collins has also worked with the likes of the Rolling Stones and is an original member of King Crimson.

Grammy winner Cristiano Micalizzi provides the right drum groove for DSL, while his Italian compatriot Primiano Dibiase provides the keyboards. Other DSL members include Primiano Di Biase, Europe’s most in-demand and sought-after keyboardist, and last but not least, frontman Marco Caviglia, widely regarded as the world’s leading Authority for Mark Knopfler’s unique guitar playing style.

DSL with singer and guitarist Marco Caviglia

Marco Caviglia lends his voice to the DSL project too. Over many years he perfected the special guitar style of his role model Mark Knopfler and even toured with Knopfler sidekick Steve Phillips (The Notting Hillbillies). However, his dream was always to play with his heroes, the original members of Dire Straits. In 2007 this dream came true for the first time when he was able to perform in Northern Italy with Alan Clark and John Illsley.

Alan Clark remembers: “I got an invitation from an Italian guy to play Dire Straits songs with him on a ski slope in the Dolomites. He also invited my bandmate John Illsley. It could be fun, we thought. It did.” He laughs: “Today I’m traveling around the world with this Italian guy, even more Dire Staits members and other musicians.” Anyone hoping to see Mark Knopfler at one of the shows will be disappointed, however , Clark makes clear. “But Marco’s skillful, dedicated and heartfelt performance will leave nothing to be desired.”

The Band

  • Marco Caviglia – Vocal, Guitar
  • Alan Clark – Keyboard
  • Primiano Di Base – Keyboard
  • Phil Palmer – Guitar
  • Steve Walters – Bass
  • Mel Collins – Saxofon
  • Danny Cummings – Percussion
  • Cristiano Micalizzi – Drums
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