Amanda Rheaume


Winner of the 2023 Capital Music Awards for Album of the Year (The Spaces in Between) and Winner of the 2023 Canadian Folk Music Awards for Indigenous Songwriter of the Year, Amanda Rheaume’s (she/her) rootsy, guitar-driven ballads introduce crucial dimensions to the world of Heartland Rock.

Someone who truly makes a positive difference with her work and art. DittyTV

In a genre characterized by anthems of underdogs, assumptions, and unfair advantages, Rheaume’s sound and story crucially and radically expand geographic and cultural boundaries to make space for new perspectives on resistance and resilience. A Citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario and an active and proud member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, Rheaume’s music is indeed from the heart, and the land.

Rheaume has released 5 full-length albums over a period of 15 years, at the same time fostering a self-managed career travelling for countless tours and milestones. 2013’s Keep a Fire was nominated for a JUNO Award and won a Canadian Folk Music Award for Indigenous Songwriter of the Year. With her latest release, The Spaces In Between (2022), Rheaume embarked on a journey through a wilfully and harmfully misrepresented chapter in a violent colonial timeline, making a powerful statement about history and identity.

Great Americana, but even better, Rheaume is continuing to change the canon of what stories that genre tends to tell. CBC Music

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