Acoustic Revolution


Friends of Folk im Schlosshof in Bonfeld may remember Accoustic Revolution from Augsburg: The band played at the last Schlosshof Festival in 2012. Acoustic Revolution stands for a reduction to musically essentials – and this is no contradiction to the energy that the trio spreads on stage. The name refers to the purely acoustic instrumentation as well as the slightly different way of preparing popular songs based on this cast.

No Genre Limits

“Finally Folk” is the fourth album of the band. For the first time,Acoustic Revolution does not use drums or digital effects. The musicians presents their songs just as they are playing live on stage.

The title may also be a cynical answer to the question of the genre-drawer. Meanwhile, the trio has created a new genre called “folkpopbluegrasscountryclassicrock”, a sumery of what the band does with banjo, guitar, double bass, and mandolin. Pop meets bluegrass and country, blende with folk and the power of classic rock to a sound between pub and country club.


In 2003, the Hamburg-born musician and composer Germar Thiele and his musical colleagues Tom Logan and Dennis Hornung were playing in the cover rock band Undercover, but started a parallel project, because their desire for their own songs grew stronger. Thealbum “Living in a Dream” came out. In 2010 Bernd Wendlandt and Ingo Politz (Silbermond, Silly, Faun) discovered the band’s potential and recorded “Ramble & Roam” with them.

Best folkrock band, best single

The album and single “The Abyss of Greed” received consistently positive critics and were airplayed on many radio stations. In 2011 Acoustic Revolution won the German Rock and Pop Award in the categories “Best Folk Rock Band”, “Best Folk Rock Song” and “Best Single”. Shortly thereafter, they released with their own label the album “Haunted by Numbers”.

With “Finally Folk”, Acoustic Revolution are once again demonstrating their ability to deliver variety without losing awareness of their own style. This is also unmistakable in “The Irish Sky”, in which the instruments shine in perfect harmony.

But the remaining ten songs also convince with deliberate arrangements, through which banjo, mandolin or double bass can be given more individual space. Songs like “Stop the bleeding”, “A song of ice and fire” (based on “Game of Thrones”) or “Vicky’s Song” convince with emotion, while the single release “Lets drink on the long times past” is a real sing-along hymn.

  • Band
  • Tom Logan – Vocals, Guitar
  • Germar Thiele – Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro
  • Dennis Hornung – Vocals, Double Bass


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