10cc is one of the most successful bands in music history. We are proud to present 1occ on Thursday, 20th June 2024, at the 9. blacksheep Festival als our first top act.

10cc have sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. Tours continue to take the band from Manchester all over the world – and now also to Bonfeld. Both commercially and critically successful, 10cc are one of the most influential and enduring formations in pop history. It is characterised by a rich stylistic diversity in all phases of its existence.

The band’s most creative phase lasted until the early 80s, and they released several global hits such as “Rubber Bulletts” (1973), “Dreadlock Holiday” (1978) – used in the soundtrack of the 2010 Facebook film “The Social Network”, among others – and “I’m not in Love” (1975), which was featured in the 2014 blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

10cc is top act at the 9th blacksheep Festival on Thursday, 20th June 2024

The formation’s founding and still leading member is Graham Gouldman, whose status as one of the most important songwriters is undisputed – recently confirmed by his induction into America’s Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in New York. Hits for bands such as The Hollies, The Yardbirds and – the worlwide success “No Milk today” – Herman’s Hermits were penned by him.

In the 70s, when the charts were dominated by creative and dazzling pop stars such as David Bowie, Queen, Elton John or Rod Stewart, 10cc focussed their energy on the production of sophisticated rock songs.

All the band members had different influences at the time, Gouldman explains. “I was influenced by people like Burt Bacharach and Hal David, Jimmy Webb, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers. Eric Stewart was the rock’n’roll, blues and R&B guy, while Kevin Godley and Lol Creme were more into the artistic and avant-garde acts, including Jacques Brel. And that’s what made 10cc: What happened when we brought all these influences together.” With “Donna”, 10cc surprisingly had their breakthrough in 1972 and reached number 2 in the UK charts.

10cc hat their first big success in 1972 in the UK with “Donna”

All four band members sang, played instruments and produced, so no one had a prominent role within the band. “The combination of the four of us in the creative process made all the difference,” says Gouldman. 10cc didn’t need an external producer.

Their 1975 album “The Original Soundtrack” was well received by the public and the media. After the album “How dare you”, Godley and Creme parted ways with the quartet. All band members pursued successful careers. Gouldman and Stewart continued to bring 10cc great success and continued to produce albums into the 90s. In 2006 Universal released a “best of” album and in 2012 a 5 CD box set with 80 tracks curated by the original band members to mark the 40th anniversary.

Although Graham Gouldman has also pursued other projects since the 80s, he says that the current formation of the band 10cc is becoming more and more in demand every year. The band loves touring and is happy to appeal to a cross-generational audience today, not just the fans of yesteryear.

Die Band

  • Graham Gouldman – Bassgitarre, Gesang
  • Rick Fenn – Leadgitarre, Gesang
  • Paul Burgess – Schlagzeug
  • Iain Hornal – Gitarre, Mandoline, Gesang
  • Keith Hayman – Keyboards, Gesang
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