7. blacksheep Festival

Live at Bonfeld Schlosshof
Place: Bonfeld
When: June 23 - June 25, 2022

Dear blacksheep friends!

Most of you know that there won’t be another blacksheep festival until 2022. Nevertheless, we keep getting inquiries. That is why we are going to write you a few brief facts here that you are welcome to pass on.

On June 26th we will publish the line-up and start with the presale.

  • There will be no blacksheep festival in 2021
  • In 2022 the blacksheep Festival will take place from Thursday, June 23rd to Saturday, June 25th
  • The line-up is ready
  • Advance ticket sales start on Saturday, June 26th, 2021
  • We’ll also publish the line-up that day
  • Good to know: Walking on Cars have broken up, so this band will no longer be there in 2022. But we have found a more than equivalent replacement. Let yourself be surprised!
  • It is already certain that tickets for the 7th blacksheep Festival will be more expensive. This is simply because we will have significantly higher program costs due to the corona pandemic; Long-term partners who have just survived the crisis can no longer grant us discounts, for example; Hygiene articles on the premises cost money and and and
  • It’s a good thing if you bought a ticket at the old price in 2020 or 2021: you don’t pay anything on it. However, you have to register via our ticket processing, otherwise your ticket will lose its validity at the end of the year. Sounds tough, but it is important for us, otherwise we cannot plan properly, for example if we are only allowed to let a certain number of people on the premises
  • Anyone who pays the old price, but wants to support artists and cultural workers, will definitely find one or the other donation box with us at the festival
  • If you are bored without the blacksheep festival, which we can understand, then just take a look at our films about the festival
  • A few of the bands that were already planned with us or in 2020 were or can be seen on television at the moment: Stefanie Heinzmann and Mando Diao on “Sing mein Song” or the likeable Ilse de Lange from the Common Linnets on Let’s Dance
  • Many of the bands that have already been with us, whether at the festival or at our events during the year, have used the Corona crisis to record new albums or start great projects. There is an incredible amount of creativity to be seen. For example, the new album by the guitar duo Café del Mundo is called “Guitar Super Nova”. Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian will come to us in Bad Wimpfen in the Kursaal on Saturday, October 9th at 7.30 pm with “The Art of Flamenco”. Advance sales for this event will also start on June 26, 2021
  • We are planning a wild night on Saturday, November 27th, 2021 in the Kursaal in Bad Wimpfen – and we very much hope that we in Germany will have the pandemic under control by then! We have booked two great Bavarian bands for you. Who? We’ll say that on Saturday, June 26th.
  • An important date for members: the annual general meeting. When? Also on Saturday, June 26th. You see, this is going to be a turbulent day for us. It would be this year’s festival Saturday – and instead of crying, we’d rather plan for the future
  • Do you have any questions? Then write to us at info@blacksheep-kultur.de
  • Here’s the path to the festival line up 2022