7th blacksheep Band Contest…

. . . for the FÖRCH Young Talent Award
Place: Mobilat, Heilbronn
When: April 25, 2020


Application deadline and start of the selection process: Saturday, 7th March, at 6 pm
Band contest: Saturday, 25th April, from 7 pm
Appearance at the blacksheep Festival: Saturday, 20th June, 3.30 pm

Conditions of Participation

Age: The band members may not exceed the average age of 27 years
NEW: Please enclose a copy of your ID card with your documents
Repertoire: Only self-composed and texted songs in the genres of rock, pop, country, folk, acoustics and/or blues are permitted. The playing time should be 30 minutes. The lyrics and the stage presentation must not contradict the applicable law or the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany
Costs: Participation is free of charge
Exclusion criterion: Previous participants in the blacksheep band contest can no longer participate

Your application should be sent to contest@blacksheep-kultur.de by Saturday, 7th March, at 6 pm, along with your relevant documents. The application must contain: music material (for example links to music videos and/or music demos), picture material, name and age of the band members, ID copies, press releases and tech rider.

It’s worth taking part

  • The participating bands receive an allowance of 250 or 500 euros, depending on the travel distance
  • Upon request, each band can receive a feedback discussion with the jurors after their performance
  • Each band member receives three free drinks
  • Every contest band will get free admission to the blacksheep Festival on Saturday, 20th June
  • The winner will play on Saturday, 20th June, from 3.30 pm to 4.40 pm at the 7th blacksheep Festival on the granary stage and will receive a fee of 1000 euros, catering and, if necessary, an overnight stay
  • The winning band can order up to 20 free tickets for their fans for the day of the performance

A jury of bookers, musicians and journalists selects the winner together with the audience.

The winner will not only receive the FÖRCH Young Talent Award, but will also perform at the 7th blacksheep Festival – Live at Bonfelder Schlosshof on Saturday, 20th June, starting at 3.30 pm.