The last few weeks we thought very intensively about the issue of security and we have taken a lot of measures to make the security on our area as high as possible. Our security controls bags and does person controls as well. Please leave bigger bags and bagpacks as well as professional cameras at home, they are not allowed at the festival. Controlled pockets are marked with a ribbon. So that there is no long waiting time, we’ve pushed the intake times by half an hour. Anyone who leaves the site in between will be checked again. We assume that the controls will be carried out quickly with your help, but please understand if it takes longer. We open on

  • Thursday, 22th June 22, at 5.30 pm. Program start is at 6.30pm
  • Friday, 23th June, at 5.30pm. Program start is at 6.45pm.
  • Saturday, 24 June, at 2 pm. Program start is at 3.35pm

We allow:

  • Small digital cameras and mobile phones
  • Small handbags (approx. A4), belly and belt pockets
  • Jackets, rainwear and personal clothing

We do not allow:

  • Large bags, suitcases, backpacks, gym bags
  • Drinks
  • Professional photo equipment, reflex cameras and video cameras
  • Torches, fireworks and other combustible objects
  • Weapons, knives and other dangerous objects
  • Any other items that could pose a threat to visitors, artists and employees
  • These objects can also not be deposited before or on the premises.

If you have questions about your security on the spot, contact the members of the the blacksheep team or the security staff. Please pay attention to the instructions of the security.

Thank you very much for your understanding. Your blacksheep team