Dear representatives of the press!

We are excited about your interest in the blacksheep cultural initiative Bonfeld eV, and we strive to make our cooperation as enjoyable and hassle free as possible.

We welcome you on our mailing list.

We inform you in time with a request to assist us with the help of announcements of our events in your media.

We invite you to our events with a request for reporting. You’ll get any information you need for your work. Please ask us.

Each event we grant representatives of the press two free tickets. In order to make our work easier, we ask you to register yourself before.

Please keep in mind: People who are not registered and / or have no specific intention of reporting may be refused even with valid press card.

We ask you to be fair.

Of course you can keep you up to date by subscribing to our newsletter.

Questions? Please contact

Ulrike Plapp Schirmer (blacksheep-spokeswoman)
Mobile 0151 43260865