How to park your car

This year, you can park your car in an industrial area called „Buchäcker“, next to the motorway A6. There you’ll find parking space at the Autohof, next to the new Hermes-Logostikcenter and along the main road (“Buchäckerring”. Parking is free.

  • A bus shuttle takes you to a bus stop, from where you get to the western entry, not far from the former nursery Maisenhölder. The bus takes you also back to your car.
  • On your way you’ll be supporter by helpers.
  • If you want, you can take a 15 minutes walk from the industrial area to the western entry by foot.
  • VIP-parking is in the Treulosweg, Bonfeld.
  • Please take care by crossing the road. guest at the campside, you’ll get informations there about leaving your car.
  • Timetable: Thursday 5.30pm to 8pm; back from Nursery Maisenhölder“ from 11pm every 30 minute to 0pm; Friday 5pm to 8pm; back from 11pmevery 30 minutes to 1am; Saturday 2pm every 30 minutes to 7pm; back like Friday.
  • Thanks for your cooperation.