Friday, 23rd June

NEW ENTRYTIME: 5.30pm instead of 6pm

Ticket: 45 Euro, VIP-Ticket 120 Euro: Tickets to Print (till Friyday, 12am); Box-Office: Ticket 49 Euro

Six national and international Acts: Kids of Adelaide, Grachmusikoff, Alan Doyle, Sound of the Sirens, Steve’n’Seagulls und The Hooters. Character: Famous Bands meet musicians who are almost famous in their home countries or still developing. Where from: Germany, Canada, Great Britain, Finnland and USA. Specials: The Festivalticket is also your ticket for the tram from Heilbronn-Neckarsulm-Bad Friedrichshall-Bad Wimpfen-Bad Rappenau and back. We shuttle you by bus from the station in Bad Rappenau to the festival area in Bonfeld, which is a part of Bad Rappenau. Timetable Bus-Shuttle: 5.45pm, 6.45pm, 7.35pm, 8.45pm. After the show the Bus takes you back at 0.19am and 0.45am.

Kids of Adelaide (Germany)

Friday, 23th June, 6.45pm, Kornspeicherbühne


Severin Specht and Benjamin Nolle are making music together since winter 2010. They had only two western guitars and good voices and they performed no matter how cold it was outside in the streets of their hometown Stuttgart. They knew early, that their enthusiasm and pure joy is a project with a higher aim. Spring 2011, the Kids were at the international Streetmusik Festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany, after that they toured through the Netherlands and recorded their first DIY-Longplayer „Songs for you and me“. The Indie-Label „Green-Elephant-Records“ in Stuttgart showed interest and so the Kids were back in studio again in autumn the same year. They produced the EP „Kids of Adelaide“ under professional circumstances. Then they toured through Germany with Label-Collegue Timo Hauer.

2012 the album „Home“ came out, produced by Severins brother Sebastian Specht. Benjamin’s apartment became a studio for two weeks and the video for the song “Moving” was made during a holiday at the Atlantic coast. Highlights of the year were: The first appearance outside Germany at the Blueballs Festival in Luzern (Switzerland) and a support show for the British folk-rockers Dry the River. In addition, first radio stations like FluxFM, played the Kid’s music.

Since 2013 the band is playing also shows as a headliner for example in Stuttgart or in private clubs in Berlin. Meanwhile Wizard promotions became the new booking agency and consequently The Kids played as support of musicians like Jamie Cullum, Mark Owen und Donavon Frankenreiter in the Zitadelle in Berlin in front of more than 5000 people. Bassdrum, footstrap and mandolin characterize now the folky sound of the band. The first tour through Germany was called „Take a walk on the child side“ and was a full success. Next step was the album “Byrth”, which came out in May 2014. The single “Old One” was played by many radio stations, the video at You Tube got fast more than 100.000 klicks. Serverin and Benni gave interviews and started a second tour with over 20 gigs.

In Spring 2015 the band played at the Unplugged Festival in Zermatt (Switzerland) and in summer they were support for no other than Robert Plant. Severin and Benni moved into the house of Benni’s grandma. Since then they have their own recording studio together with Sebastian. After serveral months in which they renovated the house they published a new album called „Black Hat & Feather“. The first single „Jinx“ came out in autumn and topped the success of „Old One“. „Heart in your Glass“ followed. The „Black Hat & Feather“-Tour brought the band again to Berlin and Hamburg. The audience was enthusiastic.

Now, the Kids of Adelaide are established in the german musicmarket and get also inquiries from other contries. Last year, Severin and Benni played in France (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Metz, Strasbourg, Pau, Niort), in the Tschechian Republic (Prag, Brno) und again in Switzerland. As talents they are the first time at the 4th blacksheep Festival in Bonfeld. And we are shure, you will like the two boys and the brilliant music they play.

The Band

  • Severin Specht – Vocal, Guitar, Percussion
  • Benjamin Nolle – Vocal, Guitar, Percussion


Grachmusikoff (Germany)

Friday, 23th June, 6.45pm, Innenhofbühne

Grachmusikoff is a legendary rock band from Germany whose musicians are singing in a German dialect: in Schwäbisch. After 30 successful year on stage the twins Alex and Georg Köberlein and guitar player Hansi Fink announced their farewell-tour.

Their performance at the blacksheep festival is the last chance to see them. No matter if you understand their lyrics, you will like the special sound of Grachmusikoff, you will understand easily their fine sense of humor and their passion to stand on the stage.

The Band

  • Georg Köberlein – Vocal, Guitar, Percussion, Keyboard, Trombone
  • Hansi Fink – Guitar, Accordion, Vocal
  • Alexander Köberlein – Vocal, Saxophone, Flute, Keyboard
  • Martin Mohr – Percussion
  • Paul Harriman – Bass, Vocal


Alan Doyle & (Canada)

Friday, 23th June, 7.55pm, Schlossparkbühne

Alan_Doyle (2)

Alan Doyle, actor, producer, best-selling author and best-known as lead singer for Newfoundland’s beloved Great Big Sea these past 20+ years, released his second solo album “So Let’s Go” in January 2015. Title-track lead single “So let’s go” is a rousing rallying cry that’s only further proof of Doyle’s ability to draw the listener under his banner. Equally adept at drawing a crowd, Doyle & the Beautiful Gypsies are taking their energetic show across North America and to Europe in 2017.

Made in collaboration with Thomas Tawgs Salter (Lights, Walk Off The Earth), Jerrod Bettis (Adele, Serena Ryder), Gordie Sampson (Keith Urban, Willie Nelson) and Joe Zook (OneRepublic, Katy Perry), the album follows Doyle’s first solo outing “Boy On Bridge”, released in 2012. “If there’s an over-arching theme on this record, it’s one of optimism. Not that this is in contrast to my previous doom-laden songs!”, says Doyle laughing, who also says this album is freer than “Boy On Bridge” in the respect of being open to all influences. “On my last solo record I wanted to explore musical backyards of friends of mine in different parts of the musical world. It was as much a physical as a musical journey away from home. On So Let’ s Go, folks will hear much more stuff from my backyard and all the traditional and Celtic influences I grew up with, married with the most contemporary collaborators out there.” A non-traditional marriage for Doyle was writing his first book simultaneously with the album, the best-selling memoir Where I Belong, released in late 2014.

The album’s eponymous song is consistent with Alan Doyle’s ethos: We’re lucky to be here, so let’s make the most of it. This spirit also infuses the heartfelt Take Us Home while Sins of a Saturday Night celebrates a come-what-may approach. The album also gets reflective in moments, such as the plaintive Laying Down To Perish, inspired by a visit to Fogo Island. As a whole, So Let’s Go remains consistent with Alan Doyle’s enthusiasm for the wider world combined with a love for the comfort of home.

Alan Doyle hails from Petty Harbour, NL, and formed Great Big Sea in 1993 with Sean McCann, Bob Hallett, and Darrell Power, in which they fused traditional Newfoundland music with their own pop sensibilities. Their nine albums, double-disc hits retrospective, and two DVD releases have been declared Gold or Platinum and have sold a combined 1.2 million copies in Canada. So Let’s Go continues to cement Alan Doyle’s reputation as one of our country’s most treasured musicians and storytellers. ”

“I always want people to have the greatest night of their life when the house lights go down.”

The Band

  • Alan Doyle – Vocal, Guitar, Mandoline
  • Kendel Carson – Fiddle, Vocal
  • Cory Tetford – Guitar, Vocal
  • Shehab Illyas – Bass
  • Todd Lumley – Piano, Accordeon
  • Kris MacFarlane – Drums


Sound of The Sirens (Great Britain)

Friday, 23th June, 9.25pm, Innenhofbühne


Exeter-based Sound of the Sirens are a foot-stomping, crowd-engaging female folk/rock duo whose strengths lie in their passion and chemistry. Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood are an enigmatic and tangible act who write, perform, record and evolve with a truly genuine attitude to an industry they love. Individually, their voices tell their own tale but when blended together their harmonies leave the listener wanting more, compelled by its magic. Their new studio album will be out in early 2017 on DMF Records and the girls are currently finishing recording and mixing the new songs.

They’re witty and sincere, and it’s this very quality of down-to-earth engagement and communication during performance’s, that has seen their popularity rise substantially over the last few years with fans and the media alike. Unashamed fan of the band Chris Evans invited them to perform alongside U2 and Take That on TFI Friday last year and has also welcomed them on to his BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show. After supporting Rick Astley on his huge UK tour in 2016 they played at numerous festivals around the UK including slots at Beautiful Days, Cambridge, Isle of Wight Festival, Victorious, Carfest and Larmer Tree. The girls played a handful of shows Autumn in 2016 including at London’s Bush Hall and a hometown Xmas show at Exeter Cathedral in December. Sound of the Sirens will be touring in the Spring and Autumn 2017, plus playing at a number of festivals to celebrate the release of their album.

…they are as tight as a drum, it doesn’t get much better than this” Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2

The Band

  • Abbe Martin, Gesang, Gitarre
  • Hannah Wood, Gesang, Gitarre


Steve’n’Seagulls (Finnland)

Freitag, 23. Juni, 21.25 Uhr, Kornspeicherbühne


Question: What’s 40 feet long and has only 14 teeth?
Answer: The front row at a Garth Brooks Concert.
Thank God, Garth Brooks no longer ain’t the only artist to listen to if you live in a trailer.

Very probably the only band on the planet to feature a ride-on lawnmower in their promo photo, Finland’s YouTube sensation Steve’n’Seagulls is here to put the hick in hickory! Originally just a bunch of local yokels from moderately successful bands, this merry mess of country cousins one day decided, just for laughs, to hillbillify (yes, hillbillify is henceforth officially a word) and shoot on video the AC/DC staple Thunderstruck. Little did they know that the home-brewed video of the song would propel the provincial posse into cyberspace stardom virtually overnight. Attention from media both domestic and foreign ensued, resulting to a slew of performances ranging from festival appearances to being the house band in the christening of your grandma’s cat.

Cue a few months, a couple of more videos and several newspaper clippings, and Steve ‘n’ Seagulls has become a buzzword known to most in their native Finland. Even record labels – notorious for their oblivion of anything worth noting – had the wool pulled from their eyes. All of a sudden Steve ‘n’ Seagulls find themselves with a recording contract. With the metal label Spinefarm, of all places. Quoth the band: “Even though we like to have fun with music we also truly take it seriously. That’s why we feel that Spinefarm is just the label for us. We’ve been basically working on songs that we find interesting and what makes us feel good and laugh. It looks like accidentally other people found them interesting too. We’re absolutely stunned to be working on our first album with Spinefarm. It’s important to us that label is also all about music.”

Now on the verge of an international release of their debut album “Farm Machine” (the moniker probably referring to the aforementioned lawnmower), the oafs in Steve ‘n’ Seagulls are as baffled of their rapid ascent to notoriety as ever. Comprising of bumpkin beats, clodhopper chords, rural riffs and villager vocals, “Farm Machine” is the first ever Spinefarm release to feature barnyard boogie and lummox lullabies on the same album.

However cosmopolitan, there will never be enough of New York in you to save you from this.

The Band

  • Remmel – Vocals, acoustic guitar, balalaika, mandolin
  • Puikkonen – Drums, percussions, vocals
  • Pukki – Double bass, vocals
  • Hiltunen – Accordion, kantele, mandolin, keys, flute
  • Herman – Banjo, vocals, acoustic guitar


The Hooters (USA)

Freitag, 23. Juni, 22.55 Uhr, Schlossparkbühne


Bursting onto the Philadelphia music scene in 1980, The Hooters quickly became a huge success along their native East Coast. Their unique blend of ska, reggae and rock n roll was a fresh and powerful sound and in 1983 The Hooters released their first independent album “Amore”, which sold over 100,000 copies. “Amore” introduced the original versions of songs like “All You Zombies”, “Hanging On A Heartbeat”, “Fightin’ On The Same Side” and “Blood From A Stone”, all songs which would reappear in different versions on later albums.

It was also during this time that Rob (Hyman) and Eric (Bazilian), along with producer Rick Chertoff, wrote and played on Cyndi Lauper’s debut album “She’s So Unusual”. Rob and Cyndi co-wrote the now classic hit song “Time After Time”. The Hooters’ strong and powerful presence, as performers and as songwriters, led to their first major record deal in 1984 with Columbia Records. Their 1985 debut release “Nervous Night” quickly achieved gold and platinum status all over the world. Rolling Stone magazine named The Hooters the “Best New Band of the Year” in 1985. That year just kept getting better as The Hooters were chosen as the very first band to perform at LIVE AID in Philadelphia. With unforgettable songs such as “Day By Day”, “And We Danced”, “Where Do The Children Go” and “All You Zombies” The Hooters quickly became a household name.

By 1986 The Hooters had four hit singles under their belts and had been touring almost non-stop for a year promoting “Nervous Night.” A highlight of that year, the band was honored to be asked to play at the Amnesty International Concert at Giants Stadium in New Jersey. Relatively unknown only a year before, The Hooters were now sharing the stage with acts such as U2, The Police, Bryan Adams, Lou Reed and Peter Gabriel.

In 1987 The Hooters released “One Way Home”, again achieving gold and platinum status in several territories across the globe; with songs like “Johnny B”, “Satellite” and “Karla With A K”, “One Way Home”. David Fricke, from Rolling Stone magazine said, “The Hooters have made airwave magic with unconventional ingredients”. In 1989 The Hooters released their third major label album. “Zig Zag” which introduced the world to a slightly more mature Hooters sound, while still maintaining those infectious pop hooks for which The Hooters are so well known. With Peter, Paul and Mary on backing vocals, “500 Miles” became a worldwide hit that lead to another double-platinum success for the band.

It was also during this time that the band was asked to participate in Roger Waters’ multimedia extravaganza “The Wall” in Berlin. The Hooters joined music legends such as Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, The Band, Sinead O’Connor and Bryan Adams for an unforgettable musical experience. Also during this time the band left Columbia, signed with MCA and welcomed a new band member Mindy Jostyn. An instrumentalist and vocalist extraordinaire, Mindy’s energy and talents took The Hooters to yet another level of musical excellence. In 1993 they released “Out Of Body”. Recorded in Memphis, “Out Of Body” included a duet with Cyndi Lauper entitled “Boys Will Be Boys” and resulted in yet another world tour, their first as a six piece band. It was during the “Out Of Body” tour that the band recorded their “Live In Germany” album (1995). Soon after this, Sony released the long awaited compilation album entitled “Hooterization – A Retrospective” in recognition of their greatest hits.

Following the completion of these albums and many years of touring, The Hooters decided to take a much needed break and concentrate on various solo projects as well as spending some much deserved time with their families. Rob and Eric continued to contribute their musical and songwriting talents to other artists, including Taj Mahal, Mick Jagger, Willie Nelson, John Bon Jovi and many others. Most notably, in 1985, their work with producer Rick Chertoff again rocketed another relatively unknown female artist into superstardom, contributing much of the material and instrumentation for Joan Osborne’s debut album “Relish”. Eric’s masterfully penned “One Of Us”, shot up the charts. Once again, just as “Time After Time” was nominated for numerous Grammy Awards, including “Song Of The Year 1984”, Eric achieved the same prestigious nomination for “One Of Us” in 1996. “Relish” was nominated for a total of 6 Grammys, largely due to Eric and Rob’s strong songwriting contributions. The original production team reunited with Joan Osborne in 2004 to write, produce and play on her album “Little Wild One” released in September 2008.

In 2000, The Hooters were honored to have Ricky Martin cover the English version of “Private Emotion” on his Grammy-nominated self-titled debut album. The Hooters live shows often feature their own versions of both “Time After Time” and “One Of Us”, and appreciative audiences in Germany sometimes hear “Private Emotion” and “One Of Us” in their native language.

Over the last few years, in addition to Rob’s work with Dar Williams, Eric has also continued to work with artists such as Jonatha Brooke, JC Chasez and most recently The Scorpions. Eric has 6 co-writes on their new release “Humanity-Hour 1”, released earlier this year. In 2001 the right opportunity arose for Rob and Eric to reunite with their band mates and revive their first love and worldwide success, The Hooters. Since then they have been hard at work again touring and completing a new studio album and a new two-disc live album.

The Hooters played extensively in Europe in ’03, ’04, and ’05 and it was also during this time they wrote many of the songs for what would become their first new studio album in 14 years. In 2006 “Time Stand Still” finally became a reality. With songs written primarily by Rob and Eric, and a beautiful cover version of Don Henley’s “Boys Of Summer”, “Time Stand Still” was recorded in Philadelphia and mastered in New York. Sold exclusively at shows throughout the 2007 Summer tour, the CD was officially released on September 14, 2007 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria through Neo/Sony BMG Distribution.

Europe has blessed the band with rave reviews on the CD and the band has recently returned from Europe where they performed and promoted the new CD with live shows and radio and TV appearances. Philadelphia fans were treated to two sold out shows at the Electric Factory over Thanksgiving 2007. As a special thank you to all the Philly fans, everyone attending received a free advance copy of The Hooters new CD “Time Stand Still” later officially released in the United States on February 5, 2008.

At the end of February 2008, the band was joined by violinist Ann Marie Calhoun for two live-in-the-studio performances of acoustic arrangements in front of a small audience. These performances were recorded and along with live recordings of the two 2007 Thanksgiving shows at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, became the basis for “Both Sides Live”, a new live double album showing both the electric and acoustic sides of the band. The tradition of playing Thanksgiving holiday shows in Philadelphia continued again in 2008, and those fortunate enough to attend received advance copies of “Both Sides Live.

As Rob said in a recent interview: “Well, a key line in the title song is ‘if I had a way to make time stand still’ and in many ways, it really describes our efforts to make music and keep this little band of ours alive all this time. Though time and miles have separated us over the years, whenever we all get in the same room, pick up our instruments, and start to jam, something magical instantly happens – we “become” The Hooters, and I suppose that IS our way of making time stand still. Being in a band with such great players and friends, over 25 years now, has been quite a blessing and fortunate experience.”

And this is just the beginning of the latest chapter in the lives of these “great players and friends”.

In early 2010 the band recorded the five song EP “Five By Five” then headed out for the summer 2010 30th Anniversary Tour. Guest musician Tommy Williams joined the band, initially filling in on guitar, mandolin, and backing vocals while Eric was recovering from a broken shoulder that allowed him to sing, play harmonica, recorder, but only a little guitar. After Eric’s complete recovery, Tommy remained as a valued contributor to the exciting live show through the end of the 2011 Silver Lining Tour and a long series of shows in Germany with the legendary Status Quo. 2015 they’ve been at the blacksheep Festival in Bonfeld, Germany, for the first time. The audience loved The Hooters not only for their hits, also for their chilled behavior.

We are looking forward, seeing The Hooters again.

The Band

  • Eric Bazilian: Lead Vocal, Guitars, Mandolins, Harmonica, Sax
  • Rob Hyman: Lead Vocal, Keyboards, Accordion, Melodica
  • John Lilley: Guitar, Mandolins, Dobro
  • Fran Smith Jr: Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Dave Uosikkinnen: Drums, Percussion