Thursday, 22th June – SOLD OUT

Three Acts. Three times fun and joy with Tom James, Stacie Collins and David Knopfler. Where from? Great Britain and America. Motto: “Talents meet Legends”. Stil: Singer-Songwriting meets Blues and powerful Rock’n’Roll. Special: The Festivalticket is also your ticket for the tram from Heilbronn-Neckarsulm-Bad Friedrichshall-Bad Wimpfen-Bad Rappenau and back. We shuttle you by bus from the station in Bad Rappenau to the festival area in Bonfeld, which is a part of Bad Rappenau. Timetable Bus-Shuttle: 5.45pm, 6.45pm, 7.35pm, 8.45pm. Arrivaltime: A few minutes later.


Tom James (Great Britain)

Thursday, 22th June, 6.30pm, Innenhofbühne


Growing up Tom James divided his time between surfing the coastline of Cornwall (UK) and jamming on his guitar. Having learnt the ins and outs by finger-style expert Andy McKee, Tom utilizes unique playing methods that stray from simple strummed chords as he finger picks complex arpeggios and uses his guitar percussively on his lap.

Matched with his trickling harmonics, raw vocals and lyrical depth, his music is bound to captivate the eyes and ears of the audience and swiftly convert them into dedicated fans. At just 22 years of age, Tom has already played support slots for well renowned acts Brother and Bones and Andy Mckee, James Bay, Current Swell along with playing various large festivals; Surfana festival, Boardmaster, Beachbreak, Somersault, Larmer Tree, Eden Sessions and Sidmouth Fringe sharing the stage with well renown artists such as Ben Howard, Sam Smith, Jungle and Dj Fresh.

Tom is on the brink of breaking through, having recently accrued an abundance of new fans in Germany, Switzerland and France after his first extensive European tour, promoting his Blood to Gold EP – released in 2014 via Indie Kitchen Record.

Comprised of five songs, the emotive and cerebral EP is a master class in proving what it takes to stand out in the oversaturated climate of UK acoustic singer/songwriters. This year Tom James is preparing the release for his third EP “White Snow” which will be planned for March 2017.

The Band

  • Tom James –  vocals, guitar


Stacie Collins (USA)

Thursday, 22th June, 8pm, Innenhofbühne


Stacie Collins hears it every night. Same thing.

“Over and over I get, I’ve never seen a girl do that,” says Collins, who tends to smile sweetly and just say, “Thank you,” after finishing shows where she and her harmonica howl, moan, rock and roll through hours of high-intensity, table-jumping, rejuvenating, exhilarating, rock & roll music. “Imagine a late-night lock-in jam with Aerosmith, the Stones, and ZZ Top, fronted by the equivalent of Ronnie Van Zant, or maybe even Shania Twain with balls,” is how Classic Rock magazine described this thing that Collins does.

She’s a favorite of Dan Baird, a Chuck’n’duck rocker who took the Georgia Satellites to chart-topping heights. She’s a favorite of Warner E. Hodges and Jason Ringenberg of Jason & the Scorchers, who invented country-punk music. Her husband, co-writer, and producer, Al Collins, plays bass these days for the Scorchers, but Scorcher-dom isn’t cause for fandom.
Warner and Jason don’t like her ’cause she’s related. They like her ’cause she’s bad ass.

The latest iteration of Collins’ badassery is “Roll the Dice”, her fifth album and the best-yet showcase for her exuberant, harmonica-drenched, cocktail of rock, blues, and Americana. For this one, Collins brought in her bass-playing husband, guitar slingers Baird and Audley Freed (The Black Crowes, Dixie Chicks, Jakob Dylan), drummer Brad Pemberton (Ryan Adams, Patty Griffin, Willie Nelson), and other master musicians. “With players like that, the energy comes from the music, and it becomes all about heart,” she says. “You leave your brain somewhere else. I don’t know how to classify this stuff, but people say it’s unique and familiar at the same time.” Collins was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, the setting for her hero Merle Haggard’s best-known song. Like Haggard, she was raised in Bakersfield, California, moving there when she was five, in time to soak up that town’s considerable music history. Bakersfield is where Haggard cut his teeth, where Buck Owens developed his signature blend of hyper-twang aggression and down-home harmonies. “When I lived there, Buck was still in town,” Collins says. “My mom worked at a golf course, and he’d come out and play. She said he was really nice. Then Dwight Yoakam came along, singing with Buck about Bakersfield and helping that whole scene out. It was a great place to grow up. I feel like, man, I come by this shit honestly.” She also comes by it unexpectedly.

At age 30, she picked up a harmonica, started listening to Sonny Boy Williamson, and began blending Bakersfield-bred bluster with distorted Chicago blues. What emerged was transformative for Collins, and highly entertaining for audiences. Beat-up cowboy hat, blues harp, rock attitude – unique and familiar, at the same time. Al and Stacie Collins moved to Nashville on Jan. 1, 2001, and she soon came to the attention of Music City’s patron carnie saint of indie music promoters, Billy Block. “I owe Billy Block, because he took my demo to Europe, gave it to promoters, and that allowed me a career overseas,” she says. “For the past six years, I’ve gone there three or four times a year, playing for everyone from little kids to 80-year-olds.”

Block is gone now. Cancer. Collins remains, and thrives. On “Roll the Dice”, she rocks with fury, then spreads out over an expansive roots music terrain. “I don’t know how people are going to perceive it,” she says. But, really, she knows. Every night, same thing, over and over. “I’ve never seen a girl do that.” And once they do, they want to see it again.

Die Band

  • Stacie Collins –  Gesang, Mundharmonika


David Knopfler (Great Britain)

Thursday, 22th June, 10pm, Innenhofbühne


In 1977 David Knopfler founded the legendary rock group Dire Straits. Along with
brother Mark Knopfler he went on to achieve worldwide stardom and acclaim. Since his departure from Dire Straits, David has enjoyed a successful solo career as a singer-songwriter, releasing over a dozen albums and performing in sold out concerts around the globe.

The 40th Anniversary Tour 2017 will be a celebration of David Knopfler’s entire musical career and will include guest appearances by old friends and fellow musicians. Special guest Alan Clark, the original keyboard player for Dire Straits, will appear with David on stage for the first time. Alan’s career includes playing on the legendary Dire Straits studio album “Brothers in Arms”, recording with Bob Dylan, and touring with Eric Clapton.

Other band member include Harry Bogdanovs – guitar (John Farnham, Westernhagen, The Shadows, Elton John), Pete Shaw – bass (Chris Rea, Mary Black, Joe Brown), Bub Roberts – lead guitar (David Knopfler, Simply Red, Toni Halliday) and one of the world’s best A-list drummers, Martin Ditcham, who has played with a nearly endless list of musicians and groups, including The Rolling Stones, U2, Chris Rea, Sade, A-ha, Status Quo, Jeff Beck, Elton John, Tina Turner, David Gilmour, Roger Daltrey and many more.

The band will perform songs from David Knopfler’s solo albums as well as classic material from the early years of Dire Straits. Sounds reminiscent of early Dire Straits will be brought back to the stage, such as “Wild West End” and “Where Do You Think You’re Going” in combination with a collection of David’s contemporary works in a more dramatic, rock format. Other rare songs, performed by Dire Straits but never recorded on official studio albums, will be highlighted, including “What’s the Matter Baby” and “Bernadette”. Radio listeners and fans of British rock history will appreciate this never before seen, unique combination of musicians playing together live. The musical sounds of David Knopfler and early Dire Straits will be highlighted in this anniversary tour.

The Band

  • David Knopfler – Vocals, guitar, piano
  • Alan Clark – Keyboard
  • Harry Bogdanovs – Guitars, piano, vocals
  • Bub Roberts – Guitar
  • Pete Shaw – Bass
  • Martin Ditcham – Drums, vocals