Django 3000 (Bavaria)


South Korea, Finland, Russia and the last corners of Bavaria – as diverse as the places where Flo, Jan-Philipp and Kamil (photo: Sturm by Media_unlimited) have celebrated their Bonaparty in recent years, so versatile are the experiences they made by travelling with their music all over Europe.

The wild and romantic roughnecks have matured. A little bit More serious, but also more passionate! More than ever, on their current album Django 3000s are what they have always been: cosmopolitan artists with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. You can hear this while listening to the new songs, they are still mercilessly forward, but also combined with darker, melancholy tones. Gipsy Disco was yesterday – the Djangos of today are rocking across all musical boundaries right in the heart and on the hip. It’s grooving again in the Django cosmos. And yet different. Therefore, in addition to Willy Löster producer Olaf Opal (The Notwist, Sportsfreunde Stiller, Juli) was invited to the studio too.

The new album gets under the skin. You may hear a pinch of heavy metal and a touch of jazz. New are the synthesizers that let the sound carpet fly. Live the five guys of Django 3000 are rocking the stage with a keyboarder. Strange and familiar things flow into each other, just as it is when you come home after a long journey: you are still the old, but no longer the same.

The new album gets under the skin

In the stories they tell, Django 3000 surpasses the limits. They sing of going on in seemingly hopeless situations, of uncompromising new beginnings – and they are whirling up a cloud of dust wherever they appear. At the same time, there is a new wind in their lyrics as well: To be understood in all corners of the world, the international language English has now gained equal importance alongside the band’s Bavarian dialect. But departure mood or not – you still can expect the dirtiest, hottest party between Chiemsee and Arctic Circle.

The Band

  • Kamil Müller – Guitar, Vocals
    Florian Starflinger – Fiddle, Guitar
    Korbinian Kugler – Duplex Bass
    Max Schuller – Keyboard
    Jan-Phillip Wiesmann – Dums