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The SWR sended a portait about Franz Koroknay, the one, who has had the brave to found blacksheep and does all the band booking and much more for us. Since 15 years he and his friends are organizing Festivals with high level handmade music around Bonfeld Castle. Twelve years long he was the motor of a europewide known Folkfestival called Folk im Schlosshof. Than he created blacksheep. The SWR-TV reporters honoured him and us with their little spot about Franz and his wife. Have a look.

SWR-Mediathek ( or

What the press wrote

Here is what the medias wrote about the 3rd blacksheep Festival. Sorry, it is only available in German. So we would say, it is time for the English press to come over to write about our festival!

We feel honoured because of all the positive critics about our Festival in the medias. And we thank specially the Heilbronner Stimme: for their support before, during and after the 3rd blacksheep Festival. We love working with you!

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Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung vom 8. Juni 2016 “Mit dieser Band-Breite auf der trockenen Seite”

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