That’s what the newspapers say

We have already first reactions from the local papers – and we are pleased of what they say!

The Heilbronner Stimme is calling the Thursday evening a brillant prelude for the 5th blacksheep Festival and the good mood of Peter Howarth von den Hollies, Pete Lincoln von The Sweet und Mick Wilson von 10cc, although it was raining. And the Rhein Neckar Zeitung was impressed by the performance of the young German singer/songwriter Hanne Kah.

We are grateful for the newspaper’s support! Than you!

Read more: “Auch der einsetzende Regen konnte die gute Stimmung zum Auftakt des 5. Blacksheep-Festivals nicht trüben. Mit mehr als 1000 Besuchern gab es einen Rekord für den Starttag und auch musikalisch gleich viel Abwechslung“, schreibt Andreas Sommer auf Und weiter: “Ein Festival im Regen kann sich nichts Besseres wünschen als die gute Laune der Frontm3n – das sind Peter Howarth von den Hollies, Pete Lincoln von The Sweet und Mick Wilson von 10cc. Ein Konzert der drei redseligen älteren Herren muss man sich so vorstellen: das Radio einschalten und einen Sender mit den Hits der 70er Jahre finden.”

Auch die Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung hat aktuell berichtet: “Bereits als die ersten Töne erklingen, ist das Publikum aus dem Häuschen. 60 Minuten voller Rock, Pop, Folk und Country sollten folgen. Hanne Kah überzeugt mit ihrer gewaltigen Stimme und immer wieder überraschenden Wendungen in ihren eigenen Liedern. Kleine Anekdoten, wie und wo die Songs entstanden sind, runden den Premierenauftritt des Blacksheep-Festivals ab.

Good morning, Bonfeld!

What a prelude! Two great acts in the dry weather – and then he came: the rain. We quickly gave out free plastic cloaks as a special service for our visitors!

And so, more than 1000 people celebrated on this Thursday and sang to the last note with Pete Howarth, Pete Lincoln and Mick Wilson, the three sympathetic front men of The Hollies, The Sweet and 10cc: “All I need is the Air that breath – and to love you “!

Previously, we were enthusiastic about the strong-voiced Hanne Kah, also known as the German answer to Amy Macdonald, and the fantastic guys from the well known Austin Band of Heathens.

As soon as the first festival evening was over, the material truck from Gotthard was just around the corner, one of those top bands that will be playing at our festival from 6.30 pm tonight (scroll down für the line up).

We expect about 2100 visitors today. All three stages are open. And if the weather is dry, there are still visitors at the box office.

See you in Bonfeld! The most fantastic village in the world!

P.S. You may not know it: But Bonfeld has only 1800 residents. At blacksheep festival time there are a few more!

Line-up Freitag, 8. Juni 2018

  • Gitze & Band (Deutschland), 18.40 Uhr, Innenhofbühne
  • Django 3000 (Deutschland), 18.45 Uhr, Kornspeicherbühne
  • Levellers unplugged (UK), 20 Uhr, Schlossparkbühne
  • Zervas & Pepper (UK), 21.25 Uhr, Innenhofbühne
  • Stefanie Heinzmann (Schweiz), 21.25 Uhr, Kornspeicherbühne
  • Gotthard unplugged (Schweiz), 22.50 Uhr, Schlossparkbühne

Ticket: 63 Euro an der Abendkasse

5th blacksheep festival started

The 5th blacksheep festival has begun!

On today’s Thursday Hanne Kah, the Band of Heathens and Frontm3n are playing. Our guests are all in a good mood. And the weather is as good as we need it for a brillant festival time.

We love it having you here!


Spontaneously to the festival? No problem:  We still have tickets and an box office on all three festival days. Parking is free and around Bonfeld very well signposted. We expect 7200 to 7500 visitors this weekend, slightly less than last year’s record.

Until the end there are also tickets in the ticket outlets and at RESERVIX for self-printing.

Here are the most important facts:

5th blacksheep festival
Thursday to Saturday, 7th to 9th June 2018
3 stages, 19 bands, 3 days of joie de vivre
Around Bonfeld Castle, Germany

Passenger. Mighty Oaks. Wishbone Ash. Mrs. Greenbird. Oysterband. Keywest. Gotthard. Levellers. Brother Dege. Marc Broussard. Zervas & Pepper. Sean Koch. Shorty, winner of the 5th blacksheep bandcontest. Django 3000. Pitcher. Hanne Kah. Band of Heathens. Stefanie Heinzmann. Frontm3n

Ticket prices box office
Thursday standing: 33 euros
Thursday seat: 44 euros
Friday: 63 euros
Saturday: 65 euros
Combined ticket: 114 euros
Festival ticket: 143 euros
VIP Thursday: 93 euros
VIP Friday: 143 euros
VIP Saturday: 143 euros

Checklist for a festival

Und hier kommt ausnahmsweise mal ein kleiner Werbeblock!

Der Dienstleister Idealo hat uns extra zum blacksheep Festival eine Checkliste geschrieben, was man alles braucht, um gut gerüstet zum Festival zu kommen. Ihr kennt Idealo? Das ist ein Preisvergleichs-Dienstleister. Ich fand die Idee ganz witzig. Und wer weiß, vielleicht ist ja was Nützliches für Euch dabei.


Festival App

We have an app, which guides you throught the 5th blacksheep festival.

It is easy to use: Please scann the QR code and save our sheep on your smartphone.

Construction Work

The blacksheep Festival is coming closer – and with it such wonderful artists like Frontm3n, the Levellers, Stefanie Heinzmann, the Oysterband, Mighty Oaks, Wishbone Ash, Passenger and many more.

We will celebrate a big big party from Thursday, 7th June, till Saturday, 9th June. Before we have to work a lot, to prepare the festival area for about 7000 visitors.

We started with the construction work last Friday. We worked in the Castle Park and in the Courtyards very hard on the details. In the end you will find again an exceptional area with an amazing atmosphere next to the Castle in Bonfeld, where you can hear a lot of wonderful music.

We are looking forward seeing you!

Online ticket shop is closing

We close our online ticket shop on Thrusday, 31th May, on 8pm. Till Thursday you can order your ticket there plus a presale fee of 2,50 Euro for shipping.

After Thursday, you can order your ticket at as print @ home ticket. We may have tickets at the box office, but don’t know at the moment, if single days will be sold out or not.

Please note, that we don’t take tickets back.

If you’d like to sell your ticket, please use our blacksheep Facebook site for announcing it.

Data Protection

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