Facts about Blacksheep

Blacksheep Kulturinitiative Bonfeld e.V. at a glance

– Founded in Oct 2012 in Bad Rappenau-Bonfeld, Germany
– We currently count around 240 members (September 2014)
– Organization chairman: Ulrich Schneider
– Head of creative team: Franz Koroknay
– Press and media relations: Ulrike Plapp-Schirmer
– Past events: Show of Hands, The Levellers, Bell Book & Candle, Bruce Guthro, Foolsgarden, Cromdale, A Young Man’s Journey and many, many more.
– Three days festival around the lovely area of Bonfeld Castle 

1. blacksheep Festival – Live im Bonfelder Schlosshof, 10th to 12th July 2014 

Line-up: Jonathan Kluth, Die Happy, Drums United, Ignaz Netzer und Thomas Scheytt, Bell Book & Candle, Cajun Roosters, United Blues Experience, Morscheck & Burgmann, Leon and the Folks, Hidden Blue, Saori Joe, Ahab, Larkin Poe, Dicke Fische, Ray Wilson, Anyone’s Daughter.

Topacts: Mother Finest, New Model Army, Oysterband, Fairport Convention, Horslips

Walkingsacts: Schlagzeugmafia, Chris Lejeune, Duo Inflammable, Walking Factory

Special: After 35 years of abstinence, the famoust Irish folkrockband Horslips played again in Germany. First time ever, that the legendary Fairport Convention and the Horslips played at the same festival outside the UK.

Visitors: 5000

2. blacksheep Festival – Live im Bonfelder Schlosshof, 25th till 27th June 2015

Line-up: The Emma Project, Maas, Amanda Rheaume, We Banjo 3, Bruce Guthro, The Young Folk, Honig, Skerryvore, Toby, Impala Ray, Modern Earl, The Blackberry Brandies, Lisbee Staintin, Hunter & The Bear, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion.

Topacts: Bob Geldof, The Hooters, Carlos Núnez, Alan Doyle

Walkingsacts: Schlagzeugmafia, Tom Breckenridge, Schnellzeichner und Stelzenläufer

Visitors: 6000

3. blacksheep Festival – Live im Bonfelder Schlosshof, 2nd till 4th June 2016

Line-up: Old Blind Dogs, Genevieve Chadwick, Fools Garden, Bloodmother, Wendrsonn, Geraldine MacGowan, Sieger des FÖRCH-Nachwuchswettbewerbs 2016, powered by CANTON: High Tide, Rusty Shackle, Bananafishbones, Bell Book & Candle, Keywest, Antigone Rising, Dream Catcher, Uriah Heep.

Topacts: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson The Coronas und Uriah Heep.

Walkingsacts: Tom Breckenridge, Ehepaar Fischer (Drehorgelspieler), Glaskugel-Jongleuer Danelo (alias Daniel Berenguer), Art Artistica mit Stelzenläufern, Chriss Breuning, Heilix Blechle.

Specials: Kids- and Juniorclub, Merchandise in the Park, Meet & Greet with some of the greatest musician in history.

Visitors: 7500

4. blacksheep Festival – Live im Bonfelder Schlosshof, 22th to 24th June 2017

Line-up: Tom James, Stacie Collins, Kids of Adelaide, Grachmusikoff, Sound of the Sirens, Steve’n’Seagulls, Sieger des FÖRCH-Nachwuchswettbewerbs 2017: DOTE, Damian Lynn, Hunter & The Bear, Jersey Julie, The Brandos, Micky & The Motorcars.

Topacts: David Knopfler, Alan Doyle, The Hooters, Nazareth, The Common Linnets, Saga.

Specials: Kids- und Juniorclub, Verkaufsstände im Schlosspark, Versteigerung Künstlerbanner; Meet & Greet.

Visitors: N.N.

5. blacksheep Festival – Live im Bonfelder Schlosshof, 7th to 9th June 2018