blacksheep Charity Night

Saturday, 4th November
Intersport redblue Heilbronn
6pm, Entry 5pm

With Risk feat. David Hanselmann, Fools Garden, Julia Neigel, Dante Thomas, Bananafishbones, Albert Hammond and Chris Thompson

Ticket: 49 Euro Stehplatz / 59 Euro Sitzplatz / 150 VIP-Ticket

Ticketsale starts online on 1st April

Big Help for small Heroes!
Make a hard start in live a little bit easier!

What can you do? You support with your ticket the organization Big Help for small Heroes, which is situated in Heilbronn. The organization himself promotes very sick children, for example with cancer, and their families during their time in hospital. Big Help for small Heroes finance also hospital clowns, who makes everyday life in the hospital a little bit more colorful. The organization supports as well babies with a hard start in life.

What do you get? An unforgettable evening with a great line-up: with Classic Rock meets Gospel feat. David Hanselmann, Fools Garden, Julia Neigel, Dante Thomas and the incomparable Bananafishbones from Bavaria. With Chris Thompson, former Frontman of  Manfred Mann’s Earthband, Singer-Songwriter, who also wrote songs which made other artist famous: At the blacksheep Charity Night in Heilbronn Chris Thompson sings “You’re the Voice” he once composed for John Farnham.

Also exciting is the biography of Albert Hammond. He became famous with songs like “Free electric Band”,  “I’m a train” and “It never rains in Southern California”. But do you know, that he also wrote hits like “One Moment in Time” for Witney Houston, “The Air that I breathe” for the Hollies, “When I need you” for Leo Sayer or “I Don’t Wanna Lose You” and “Way of the World” for  Tina Turner. Albert Hammond was born in London. On 19 June 2008, he was inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. When he is with us, he sings one famous song after another.

Blacksheep has the Original!

Rockin’ Halleluja feat. Risk and David Hanselmann

Start: 6pm

Real Classic Rock meets Gospel: That is Rockin‘ Halleluja with Risk and the amazing singer David Hanselmann, and with Jimmi Love and his Harlem Praise Family. Rockin’ Halleluja is currently celebrating ist success at the Friedrichsbau Varieté in Stuttgart. It is the best out of two worlds. The corners and edges of rock music and the warmth of the gospel are here a dynamic symbiosis, combined in a glowing, energetic performance, which could not be more moving and sweeping. We are looking forward to David Hanselmann, the band Risk and the Harlem Praise Family, conducted by Jimmi Love.

David Hanselmann is an integral part of the German rock music scene. In the course of his long career he published countless albums and singles, founded several bands, among others the duo “Blue Eyed Soul” with Berti Kiolbassa and “The Dudes”, and has been support with great musicians like Country Joe McDonald, Lionel Richie or the Bee Gees. As a young man, he sang with Pur for over ten years. Since 2013 he has been the Leadsinger of the group Risk. Risk from Stuttgart has been on the road for over 30 years with energetic rock music. In their gigs they show us a foray through 40 years of authentic rock and their own songs can be heard.

The choir director Jimmi Love has taken non-professional singers and instilled within them the desire to continually strive for excellence. HPF is a manifestation of his desire to continue the legacy of the late, great Bob Singleton (“Golden Gospel Singers”) to provide a professional stage for amateur singers. Everyone is required to exhibit professionalism and give their best. The end result is a world-class sound, presented within first-class arrangements.

Gospel means the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Harlem Praise Family sings to praise God, to introduce God to others as the know Him, and to show what wonderful miracles He has performed in their lives. Each of their songs is a prayer and an invitation to get to know the lord. At a Harlem Praise Family concert, those who love black American Gospel music will get their money’s worth. But that’s not all. The choir’s repertoire includes a wide variety of songs, from Gospel classics such as “Amazing Grace”, “Oh Happy Day” and “Joshua Fit the Battle” through classical pieces like “Ave Maria” and “Hallelujah”, and its own compositions, providing music styles for every taste.


  • David Hanselmann – Gesang
  • Frieder Ege – Gitarre
  • Thomas Hunke – Saxofon, Querflöte
  • Dietmar Klein – Gitarre, Gesang
  • Michael Ott – Bass, Gesang
  • Christophe Schwarz – Tasten, Gesang
  • Thomas Schaufler – Schlagzeug, Gesang
  • Jimmi Love – Chorleiter

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Dante Thomas

Start: 7pm

Dante Thomas is an energetic, passionate soul and artist.

He grew up listening to his opera singing mother, and great artists, such as Steve Wonder, Jodeci, and Donny Hathaway. He began to focus on his music and vocal techniques at just the young age of 14. Determined to mold his vocals and sound like the greats of those generations before him. He as born in Sacramento California, and later moved to Salt Lake City Utah. He moved in & out of different cities within Utah, and went to countless schools, working at restaurants and made Subway sandwiches. Unhappy with life, he made a vast, unpredictable and bold move to go to New York City.

At 18, he stepped off the bus into the ‘Big Apple’ with little money in his pocket, and no-one familiar, he was determined to make it big in the world of music. Sleeping on bus benches, and at youth hostels, he desperately wanted to make a name for himself. After countless disappointments, he said a faithful prayer, and took many footsteps to what happened to be, the right place at the right time. He ran into Pras’ Michael from The Fugees’. Stopping Pras, and asking for just moments of his time, Dante began to sing loud and proud. Pras was stunned by his performance. Pras’ then immediately asked Dante to come to the studio later that day and sing what was going to be his rise to the top, ‘Miss California’. As the record sky rocketed him to be one of Europes most favorited songs, also landed him on America’s top 100 billboard charts.

Dante began touring and opening up for N’Sync, having Fergie on his tour bus, before she was Fergie, doing tons of shows, and having thousands of fans, he knew he had made his dreams comes true. Years later, after taking a break, he then came out with his next hit single, ‘Get it on’. Writing and producing his own records, and working with big name acts like, Scott Storch, Snoop Dogg, and Nick Carter, he made the decision to move to Germany. Coming out in 2012)2013 with new records and vocal performances such as an up tempo, out of this world track with Michael Mind Project, titled, ”Nothing lasts forever”, & ”Feeling So Blue” having more than 4 million views on YouTube each, and working with KRIS from Revolverheld on a song titled, ”Diese Tage” with also over 4 million views. He now has countless pages on Google, & started working with Time Warner’s sister network Warner Chapel in Hamburg Germany in 2012/2013. He has co-written songs with Nick Carter such as ”Coma”, and, doing hundreds of shows, and having appearances on t.v. more than he could ever wish for. His newest album ”Hardcore On Videotape” dropped in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on May 24th 2013.

So who is Dante Thomas you may ask? Dante Thomas is a force to be reckoned with. He has a voice that will shake you to your core, and make you shed a tear. He’s a powerful, determined artist with a faith and stride that will never be broken or silenced, & a soulful compelling spirit that will continue to shine.



  • Dante Thomas – Gesang
  • Markus Zimmermann – Klavier
  • Arno Sälzer – Bass
  • Boris Angst – Schlagzeug


Start: 7.50pm

What are the Bananafishbones doing when they are not guests of blacksheep? Well, they are playing on other stages or work as composers for theater, audio book and film music. And as actors. The work is not going out.

“Come to Sin” was the Bananfishbones first hit single. In 1999 the almost successful and fast number “Easy Day” followed with country drive and pop charm. Since then the trio travels between country, rock and pop and poets like Haruki Murakami and David Lynch.


  • Sebastian Horn, Bass und Gesang
  • Peter Horn, Gitarre, Keyboard und Gesang
  • Florian Rein, Schlagzeug, Percussion und Gesang


Fools Garden

Start: 8.40pm

Bei dieser Band muss man nur ein Lied nennen, und schon geht das Kopfkino ab: „Lemon Tree“ hat Fools Garden weltweit berühmt gemacht. Doch die Gruppe kann weit mehr. Auf der Bühne feuert sie ein wahres Feuerwerk an musikalisch starkem Gute-Laune-Pop ab. Seit 1991 macht der charismatische Sänger und Songwriter Peter Freudenthaler zusammen mit Volker Hinkel (Gitarre) Musik.

Zwei Jahre später entstand das Album „Once in a Blue Moon“ als das einzige im Handel erhältliche Album, auf dem auch Volker Hinkel mehrere Lieder singt. Einen ersten Erfolg verbuchte Fool‘s Garden 1994 mit dem Titel „Wild Days“ für einen Werbespot von C&A. „Dish of Day“, 1995 veröffentlicht, enthält dann den Song, mit dem die Band über Nacht einen Nummer 1 Hit landete. Bis heute ist „Lemon Tree“ der größte Erfolg der Band mit dreifach Gold in Deutschland, Platin in Norwegen und Irland, Gold in der Schweiz, Österreich, Belgien, Dänemark und Frankreich für die Single sowie Platin in Deutschland, Gold in Österreich, der Schweiz, Dänemark, Italien, Singapur, Hongkong und Malaysia für das Album. 1996 wurde Fool’s Garden als erfolgreichste Nachwuchsband mit dem Bambi, der Goldenen Europa, der Goldenen Stimmgabel und dem Echo ausgezeichnet. „25 Miles to Kissimmee“ heißt das Album, das 2003 erschien. Gabriel Holz (Gitarre), Claus Müller (Schlagzeug) und Dirk Blümlein (Bass) stiegen ein, aus Fools‘ Garden wurde Fools Garden – ohne Apostroph. Seit Lemon Tree gelingen der Band mit Songs wie „Wild Days“, „It can happen“, „Why did she go“ oder „Suzy“ immer wieder Radiohits und Chartentries. Mit der Ballade „Dreaming“ avancierten Fools Garden in Russland zu Superstars. Bis heute gibt die Band auf der ganzen Welt Konzerte, etwa als einzige deutsche Band am international besetzten Benefizkonzert für die Erdbebenopfer in China. 2015 wurde Fools Garden von RTL Nitro und Sony Music eingeladen, in der Herbst-Staffel der legendären Musiksendung mit Peter Illmann „Formel 1“ mitzuwirken. 2016 feierte Fools Garden 25-jähriges Bandjubiläum. Auf der Charity Night präsentiert Fools Garden ein neues Studioalbum.



  • Peter Freudenthaler – Gesang
  • Volker Hinkel – Gitarre
  • Gabriel Holz – Gitarre
  • Dirk Blümlein – Bass
  • Thorsten Kiefer – Keyboards
  • Jan Hees – Schlagzeug


Julia Neigel

Start: 9.30pm

Von der Zeitschrift Rolling Stone wurde Julia Neigel mehrfach als beste Sängerin bezeichnet. Andere Medien beschreiben die Musikerin, die über einen Stimmumfang von mehr als  drei Oktaven verfügt, gar als Königin unter den deutschen Sängerinnen. Zahlreiche Musikpreise, darunter mehrere Echo-Nominierungen und der Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik, zieren ihren Weg. Der SWR brachte es 2012 auf den Punkt: Er betitelte die 1966 in Sibirien geborene und 1971 nach Ludwigshafen am Rhein umgesiedelte Ausnahmesängerin, schlicht und einfach als „The Voice“.

Gleich nach ihrer Einschulung gewann Julia Neigel mehrere „Jugend musiziert“-Wettbewerbe, kehrte der Klassik aber bald den Rücken und widmete sich dem Blues und Soul. Anfang der 80er-Jahre wurde sie Sängerin der Band Stealers. Danach nahm sie eigene Lieder auf und wurde bekannt als Jule Neigel. Nach einigen erfolgreichen Jahren trennte sie sich von ihrer Band – und aus Jule wurde wieder Julia.

Ihr nationaler Durchbruch gelang ihr 1988 mit ihrer ersten, auf Deutsch gesungenen Platte „Schatten an der Wand“. Bereits ein Jahr später tourte Julia Neigel mit Purple Schulz, Ulla Meinecke und Heinz-Rudolf Kunze. Die Produzentin, Sängerin und Autorin arbeitete bei ihren weiteren Alben mit Peter Maffay, Simon Phillips, Paco de Lucia und Helmut Zerlett zusammen. Insgesamt hat sie mehr als zwei Millionen Alben verkauft und sich auch als Songschreiberin für Kollegen einen Namen gemacht. Bei über 2000 Konzerten stand sie untern anderem mit Tina Turner, Eros Ramazzotti, Rod Stewart, Elton John, David Knopfler und vielen anderen Stars auf der Bühne.

Inzwischen erschienen von der deutschen Rocklady mit „Stimme mit Flügel(n)“ und „Neigelneu“ wieder zwei neue absolut hörenswerte Alben. Seit 2016 ist sie mit ihrem speziellen Unplugged-Live-Programm „Samt und Seide“ unterwegs. Julia Neigel singt darin sinnliche, herzliche und liebevolle Kost – von Liebe und Leidenschaft, Lebens- und Liebeslust. Die bewusst reduzierte instrumentale Begleitung lässt der beeindruckenden und einzigartigen Stimme ihren angemessenen Raum und verdichtet die musikalische Atmosphäre zu einem unvergleichlichen Live-Erlebnis.



  • Julia Neigel – Gesang
  • Jörg Dudys – Gitarre


Albert Hammond

Start: 10.20pm

Albert Hammond has been writing hit songs for over fifty years. This is not to just to say that it has been fifty years since his first hit. This is to say that there has not been a single decade in which Albert has not written multiple hits songs since he scored his first hit with “Little Arrows” at the age of 24. His songs have been responsible for the sale of over 360 million records worldwide including over 30 chart-topping hits. Many of his most beloved songs, like “The Air That I Breathe” and “When I Need You,” have become hits multiple times with various artists, decade after decade.

Albert achieved early success as an artist with his song “It Never Rains in Southern California,” and he has since built a multi-faceted career as an artist, songwriter and producer in both English-speaking and Latin markets. What sets Albert Hammond apart as a songwriter, earning him induction into the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame in 2008, is that Albert doesn’t just write hits—he writes classics. He is one of very few songwriters of our time whose songs not only have the mass appeal to make them pop hits, but whose very same songs also have the timelessness and depth that over time turns them into standards. Few writers can successfully walk this line and deliver hits for the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today. Albert’s songs are the kind of songs that turn one-hit wonders into career artists and keep records selling and spinning on radio decades after their first release.

Albert’s songs have repeatedly topped the international pop, R&B, country, adult contemporary and Latin charts, sometimes simultaneously. Included among these are the #1 hits “When I Need You,” “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” (nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy), “One Moment in Time,” and “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before.” Anthems like “One Moment in Time,” which was written as the theme song for the 1988 Olympic games and won Albert his first Emmy, and “Cantare, Cantaras,” the Spanish-market equivalent of “We Are the World,” which Albert co-wrote and produced, are just two examples of Albert’s ability to create lasting theme songs that live on in our collective consciousness.

Albert is a master collaborator, lending his talents on guitar, piano and vocals to some of the business’s most successful songwriting teams. He and longtime writing partner Mike Hazlewood co-wrote many of Albert’s hits, including the classic “The Air that I Breathe.” Albert also co-wrote multiple hits with Diane Warren, among them Chicago’s “I Don’t Wanna Live Without Your Love,” Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” Roy Orbison’s “Careless Heart,” Joe Cocker’s “Don’t You Love Me Anymore” and three-time hit “Don’t Turn Around,” recorded by Ace of Base, Neil Diamond and Aswad. Albert has also written hits with Hal David (“99 Miles from L.A.,” “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before”) and John Bettis (“One Moment in Time,” “When You Tell Me That You Love Me,” and The Carpenters’ hit “I Need To Be In Love”).

The artists who have recorded Albert’s songs are undoubtedly some of the greatest of our time — including Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Diana Ross, Johnny Cash, K.D. Lang, Julio Iglesias and Josh Groban, to name just a few. bio_2In 2008, Albert was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame and has also received the OBE (Order of the British Empire) from Queen Elizabeth II. His home country of Gibraltar will be honoring Albert with a commemorative postage stamp series.

In 2010, Albert Hammond came back  to the top charts with his album “Legend”, where he recorded some of his great compositions along with different artists such as Cliff Richard, Julio Iglesias, Al Stewart and Bonnie Tyler, including an original song which was recorded in a duet with his son Albert Hammond Jr. The success of this album brought the “Legend Tour”, which took him back to the international stages in countries such as United Kingdom, Spain, Argentina, Germany and Chile. In 2012, Albert Hammond released his latest album “Legend II” in which he also recorded some of his most recognized songs, and with which he is still touring. Also in Heilbronn.



  • Albert Hammond – Vocal, Guitar
  • David Paton – Bass, Vocal
  • David Steward  – Drums
  • Calais Brown – Guitar, Vocal
  • Irvin Duguid – Keyboard, Guitar, Vocal


Chris Thompson

Ex Manfred Mann’s Earthband
Start: 11.10 Uhr

Chris Thompson was born in England and raised in New Zealand. He returned to England, as a professional musician in 1973.

His vocals made a permanent mark on the landscape of modern rock with the release of  “Blinded by the Light” with Manfred Mann’s Earth Band in 1976, a No. 1 hit throughout the world then and still on worldwide constant classic radio rotation today. He enjoyed continued success with The Earth Band with five more top ten singles in England and Europe. Recently MMEB had two top five singles in Germany with Dance remixes of “For You” and “Blinded by the Light”. Well known for his high-energy vocal powers and moving ballads, his talents have been used by the likes of Jeff Wayne, Queen, Elton John, Tina Turner, Alan Parsons and Jan Hammer, Sarah Brightman, Brittney Spears and Toto.

Chris recorded and toured with Manfred Mann’s Earth Band from 1974 to 1999. With Manfred Mann together for Night of the Proms in 2005. Chris toured with Rock Meets Classics in 2012 and 2013.  Also from 2004 with Jeff Wayne’s musical version of “The War Of The Worlds” in England, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, finishing December 2010 with 21 sold out shows in England. He is still actively touring Europe with The Mads Eriksen Band (his band of 14 years). In 1979 Chris recorded 2 albums with his band Night, with 1 top 5 singles in the USA, “If You Remember Me” and 1 top 20 single “ Hot Summer Night”.  In 1984 Chris worked with Doobie Brother, Patrick Simmons on his solo album “Arcade”. Chris has recorded solo albums since 1984 culminating in 2014 with the critically acclaimed ‘Toys & Dishes‘ and in 2015 ‘Jukebox, The Ultimate Collection’ a 36 song, 2 CD Set, that spans Chris’s career from 1975 to 2015. He recently recorded 4 new original Christmas songs and ‘Silent Night’ for a Christmas EP “Get Ready for Christmas” released November  2015.

Chris has written songs for or with The Doobie Brothers, Roger Daltry, Alan Parsons, Ray Charles, Rita Coolidge, Michael McDonald, Patrick Simmons, Bonnie Tyler, Isaac Hayes, Jan Hammer, Jennifer Rush, Heart, John Farnham, Peter Maffey, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Harold Faltermeyer, Oxenconect, David Foster, Night, Elkie Brooks, Jane Wiedlin and Starship. Vocals on record with Tina Turner, Elton John, Roger Daltry, Brian May, Ozzie Ozbourne, Queen, Britney Spears, Def Leppard, The London Symphony Orchestra, Sarah Brightman, Toto, Ray Charles, Mike Oldfield, Alan Parsons, Bonnie Tyler, Isaac Hayes,  Jan Hammer, Peter Maffey, Harold Faltermeyer, Jeff Wayne’s “The War of the Worlds”, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Mavis Staples and Night.

Performed Live with the following artists:, Elton John, Roger Daltry, Brian May, Queen, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, George Michael, Liza Minelli, Alan Parsons, The London Symphony Orchestra, Sarah Brightman, The Doobie Brothers, Huey Lewis, Rita Coolidge, Michael McDonald, Bonnie Tyler, Anastasia, Miss Dynamite, Soweto Gospel Choir, Bob Geldof, Youssou N’Dour, Jan Hammer, Extreme, Jennifer Rush, Bonnie Tyler, Heart,  Mavis Staples,  Paul Rogers,  Starship, John Farnham, Peter Maffey, Joe Walsh, Seal and Zucchero. Of particular note is the worldwide No. 1 hit, ‘You’re the Voice’ recorded by John Farnham, of which Chris was a writer. Chris wrote (with Harold Faltermeyer) and sang the anthem “The Challenge” which was used for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 1989 and was No. 1 in Germany. The next year he sang “ This is the Moment” at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth games in Auckland, New Zealand.

In 1992 Chris worked with the remaining members of Queen preparing for the Freddie Mercury tribute concert at Wembley Stadium in London at which he performed. He has continued to work with Brian May and Roger Taylor in various capacities since then, culminating in the 2003 Nelson Mandela 46664 Concert in CapeTown, South Africa, being responsible for rehearsing the Band and the Soweto Gospel Choir, also singing “The Show Must Go On” with Queen at the concert. He provided vocal support for all the other artists.


  • Chris Thompson – Vocal, Guitar
  • Mads Eriksen – Guitar
  • Gunnar Bjelland – Keyboard
  • Frank Hovland – Bass, Vocal
  • Zsolt Meszaros – Drums